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Daily Crypto Round up – Blockchain Phone in 2021, Oil trading now on Blockchain and other News

This is a daily round up of important news from India and around the world between Nov 28, 2018 and Nov 29, 2018 (until the time of publishing). The focus is on important news around developments in the blockchain space, on exchanges and crypto projects, not on price action.

Please note that this is neither the only nor the exhaustive list, we are constantly trying to improve the feed and if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain related news from around the World.

1. One Lakh (100k) Blockchain Phones by PundiX rolling out in 2021

PundiX has created the world’s first point-of-sale (PoS) solution, XPOS, which lets merchants and consumers transact on the blockchain in physical stores. While XPOS has been reportedly shipped to the UK, Switzerland, Colombia, Taiwan, Brazil and South Korea, over 100,000 XPhone devices are scheduled to be rolled out to the global retail market by 2021. Read the full story on Yourstory.

2. Cloud Giant AWS announces Two Blockchain Services

Covering both decentralised and centralised trust, Amazon Managed Blockchain supports Ethereum and HyperLedger, while the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database is a fully-managed ledger database. Read the full story on Zdnet.

3. In a first, US treasury department sanctions two Bitcoin wallets in a Ransomware case

In the past three years, over 200 known victims were targeted by the ransomware called ‘SamSam’, which collectively led to over 7,000 Bitcoin transactions worth millions of U.S. dollars. Read the full story on NewsBTC

4. Blockchain Oil Trading Platform Backed by Shell and BP Is Now Live

The platform is now ready to facilitate the trade in crude oil between commodity firms, claiming to be the “first enterprise grade” blockchain solution within the oil and gas market. The blockchain platform is aimed to help trading companies replace paper-based documentation with smart contracts. By automating parts of the process, the move is expected to help companies cut costs, reduce errors and make post-trade processes more efficient. Read full article on Coindesk.

5. Steemit has laid off close to 70% of its staff to cut costs

In an official announcement, the CEO of Steemit Ned Scott said, “Given the weakness of the cryptocurrency market, the fiat returns on our automated selling of STEEM diminishing, and the growing costs of running full Steem nodes, we have been forced to layoff close to 70% of the team.” Read the full announcement on medium. If the irony of Steemit CEO using medium has settled in, please hit the share button below. 

6. Envion AG a mining firm that raised $100 Million in ICO, shut down by Zug (Switzerland) Court

The cantonal court of Zug, Switzerland has shut down cryptocurrency mining firm Envion AG for an alleged unauthorised Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Read full story on cointelegraph

Bite-sized News

Only the headlines are enough for these news

  • Hardware wallet Ledger Nano S announced support for Monero. Read News
  • Video Card company Sapphire Technology has announced the launch of crypto mining rig for Ethereum. Read Story

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