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Blockchain Interoperability Project PalletOne Launches TestNet, Bug Bounty

PalletOne TestNet or Testing Network is live and inviting developers to extensively test and report bugs. Developers will be rewarded for bugs based on the severity. 

PalletOne is an inter-chain solution combining the DAG and the jury consensus to build an ecosystem of smart contracts that can be used to create Financial instruments, cross-chain payment solutions and multi-payment Dapps involving one or more cryptocurrencies. 

Basic Functions of PalletOne Test Network:

1. DPoS consensus algorithm to take turns to keeping accounts

2. Token Transfer Based on UTXO Model

3. Users create bitcoin and value-added interfaces

4. Support for System Contracts

The functions of test network iteration include but are not limited to: voting contract, Mediator performance optimisation during the transition, transfer transaction of different types of digital assets, jury VRF selection, improvement of user contract function, PC version of PalletOne wallet, testing network BTC, ETH charging and withdrawal, etc.

To encourage thorough testing, PalletOne has announced a Bug Bounty program with rewards ranging from 200-1000 PTN tokens depending on the severity of the bug. The testing began on January 03, 2019.

PalletOne Bug Bounty Program

Developers and users can join the TestNet by downloading the APP here –

To know more about how to install the APP and test it, you can view the instructions here-

You can also visit the official site of PalletOne.

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