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Cricket South Africa Briefly Falls Victim to $70,000 Bitcoin Twitter Scam ! Other Crypto news

This is a daily round up of important blockchain and crypto news between Jan 13, 2019 and Jan 14, 2019 . The focus is on important news around developments in the blockchain space, on exchanges and crypto projects.

 Please note that this is neither the only nor the exhaustive list, we are constantly trying to improve the feed and if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us.

1.Google Blacklist Ethereum Ads, Crypto Firms Report Issues

Ethereum startup in Serbia found out that the keyword “Ethereum” has been completely banned on Google Ads and is not served to users on the platform. It seems Goggle is moving slowly in enabling advertisements because of the large number of scams and fraudulent operations it saw in the cryptocurrency sector in early 2018. Read more

2. Exchange says 51% attacker returned $100K worth of Ethereum Classic

In an announcement, the exchange said that $100,000 in Ethereum classic has been returned following a recent attack and they tried to contact the 51-perecnt attacker but did not get any reply. The exchange warned that the hashing power of ETC network is “still not strong enough” and that another 51 percent attack is still possible. Read more

3.     Cricket South Africa Briefly Falls Victim to $70,000 Bitcoin Twitter Scam

Indian daily news outlet Indian Express reported that the South Africa’s national cricket organization fell victim to scammers on Twitter and partnered with Luno, a United Kingdom cryptocurrency wallet. They offered to pay fake Bitcoin lottery through which users could win a price worth 20 BTC ($70,900). Read more

4.       Canada Ready to Accept Cryptocurrencies in Donation for Elections

In the upcoming elections, Canadian Electoral Bod is all set to accept donations in cryptocurrency. The body has formulated a draft guideline that attempts to solve the all-important questions: are cryptocurrencies to be counted under monetary or non-monetary contributions. The draft also stated that in order to ensure transparency, “candidates, nomination contestants and leadership contestants cannot buy property or services directly with cryptocurrencies.” Read more

5.       Japanese Bitcoin miners migrate to Mongolia for cheaper electricity

Switzerland and other cold countries with cheap electricity are the main targets for Bitcoin miners, and now Mongolia is attracting Japanese miners for Bitcoin mining. Tokyo-based e-wallet company Ginco has now set up two mining firms in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar which consisted of 600 mining rigs and they have plans to increase the number to 1,000 by the end of Q1 of 2019. Read more

Bite-sized News

Only the headlines are enough for these news

  • Litecoin marks major milestone as 60 millionth token is mined Read Story.
  • This $100K Luxury Swiss watch will have a built in crypto wallet Read Story.
  • Unocoin Also Breaks its Silence on Proof of Keys, Can Process All Withdrawals Within One Day Read Story.
  • Malaysian Government Still Deciding Whether or Not to Legalize Cryptocurrency Read Story.
  • University of Bahrain Will Issue Diplomas on the Blockchain Employing Blockcerts Read Story.

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