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Binance succeeded in freezing a part of $3.6 million Cryptopia stolen funds! Other crypto news

This is a daily round up of important blockchain and crypto news between Jan 16, 2019 and Jan 17, 2019 . The focus is on important news around developments in the blockchain space, on exchanges and crypto projects.

 Please note that this is neither the only nor the exhaustive list, we are constantly trying to improve the feed and if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us.

1. Binance succeeded in freezing a part of $3.6 million Cryptopia stolen funds

During the high profile hack, Binance has succeeded in freezing some of the funds that were stolen from Cryptopia. As per the estimates, the security breach has caused Cryptopia to lose at least $2.4 million worth of Ethereum and also moved roughly $1.2 million worth of Centrality (CENNZ) and other tokens. As a part of the process, hackers reportedly sent 31,320 Metal (MTL) ERC20 tokens to Binance which was trading at $0.25 at the press time, which roughly stands around $7,800. Read more

2. WWF announced the launch of Blockchain tool to track food along supply chain

The platform, dubbed OpenSC, is the product of a partnership between WWF-Australia and BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV). According to a post on the WWF site, the system allows both businesses to track products they produce, and consumers to view the origins of said products via a “unique Blockchain code at the product’s point of origin.”  The aim is reportedly to empower consumers with the knowledge of exactly what they are buying so they can purposely make an ethical choice. Read more

3. Crypto Investor Names Primary Suspect in $24 Million SIM Swapping Case

As reported, plaintiff Michael Terpin — a long-time blockchain and crypto investor first filed a lawsuit against AT&T last August, accusing the firm of negligence that allegedly allowed the suspect to gain control over Terpin’s phone number and steal almost $24 million worth of crypto. Read more

4. Trezor Announces Priciest Hardware Wallet in the Market

SatoshiLabs, the company behind hardware manufacturer Trezor, has teamed up with manufacturer and designer brand GRAY to release a luxury hardware wallet called Corazon. The cheapest option, Corazon Titanium, goes for USD 695, while the others are much more expensive: Corazon Stealth is USD 994 and Corazon Gold will sell for a whopping USD 1,494. Read more

5. Indian Banks and NBFCs Lead the Race for Hiring Techies with Blockchain Experience

With limited talent pool in the blockchain field and huge demand primarily from the banks, non-banking financial institutions and global in-house centres, salary for such techies are sky-rocketing. Now for blockchain techies, salary is not a bar and companies are willing to pay more for such techies with blockchain skills. Read more

Bite-sized News

Only the headlines are enough for these news

  • Circle Releases Third Audit Report of Stablecoin USDC’s Dollar Reserves Read Story.
  • BitGo Launching New Trading System That Will Not Require Removal of Assets from Cold Storage Read Story.
  • BitMEX Research: ICO Tokens Allocated by Teams to Themselves Lost 54% of $24 Bln Value Read Story.
  • Critical’ Vulnerability in Beam Wallet Could Have Put Funds At Risk, Devs Say After Fix Read Story.
  • Pirate Bay-Targeting Malware Hijacks Websites to Steal Cryptocurrency Read Story

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