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Derivatives Giant Fidelity Investments Receives and Passes on the Lightning Torch ! Other crypto news

This is a daily round up of important blockchain and crypto news between Feb 22, 2019 and Feb 23, 2019 . The focus is on important news around developments in the blockchain space, on exchanges and crypto projects.

 Please note that this is neither the only nor the exhaustive list, we are constantly trying to improve the feed and if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us.

1. CasperLabs Is Building a PoS Blockchain With Help from Ethereum’s Vlad Zamfir

A new startup called CasperLabs has launched with the aim of building a new blockchain based on a version of proof-of-stake (PoS), the experimental consensus protocol most associated with ethereum. Ethereum Foundation researcher Vlad Zamfir will serve as lead consensus protocol architect of the company, confirming earlier reports of his association with the startup. Going forward, CasperLabs plans to sponsor much of Zamfir’s research on PoS so as to deploy a “fully decentralized, sharded and scalable next-generation blockchain.” Read more

2. Derivatives Giant Fidelity Investments Receives and Passes on the Lightning Torch

Just like the Olympic torch, the Lightning Torch is being passed between members of the Lightning Network community. The trend first reportedly started when Twitter user and Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast Hodlonaut sent 10,000 satoshis (the smallest, indivisible fractions of a Bitcoin) to another Lightning user, and the user added another 10,000 satoshis and passed it on. Read more

3. Canadian Banks Wary of QuadrigaCX Assets’ Origins, Cite Money Laundering Concerns

Canadian banks have showed hesitation concerning the management of insolvent cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX’s assets. Elizabeth Pillon, a lawyer representing Ernst and Young, is quoted by CBC saying that she doesn’t blame the banks for their hesitation since there are allegedly money laundering issues. Read more

4. Parity Developer Quits Ethereum Projects Amid Outrage Sparked by Recent Tweet

Afri Schoeden, release manager at blockchain infrastructure firm Parity Technologies, has quit all Ethereum projects after a controversial tweet that sparked outrage on social media. In his tweet, Schoeden reportedly criticized Serenity, also known as “Ethereum 2.0” — a final upgrade for the Ethereum network that brings its mainnet over to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Read more

5. Stanford Researchers Develop Privacy Mechanism for Ethereum Smart Contract

According to the paper, the researchers created “a fully-decentralized, confidential payment mechanism” called “Zether” that is consistent with both Ethereum and other smart contract platforms. The developers reportedly developed a new smart contract —  that can be executed either individually or by other smart contracts — that maintains the account balances encrypted and enables the deposit, transfer and withdrawal of funds through cryptographic proofs. Read more

6. University of California Researchers Propose Blockchain System for Clinical Data

The researchers reportedly developed a blockchain-powered system that aims to improve the traceability and immutability of collected clinical data, and make it more trustworthy. In addition, the system aims to advance methods for reporting adverse events during research and improve medical record management.  Read more

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