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How to Check the Status of Crypto Matter in Supreme Court by yourself!

Update: Supreme Court has Quashed the RBI circular on March 04. 2020, deeming it unconstitutional.  
  • Check the status of any case in Supreme court on the official website.
  • How to check if the case is being heard on the listing day!
  • A total of Five cases tagged together for Cryptocurrency Matter.
  • Next date of hearing set to March 29, 2019

Crypto Community always insists “Do your Own Research”. We at CoinCrunch believe that research also involves reading or watching news from multiple sources. Either that or get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth.

When it comes to Crypto News, it is usually one source and multiple sites report the same news citing that one source. That is why it is imperative to trace back to the original source and see if there is substantial evidence cited behind the quoted News. THAT IS DOING YOUR OWN RESEARCH. It isn’t hard.

But sometimes, users can also do their own research by going through public domains like checking the government websites for the announcement. I believe one of the most important matter at hand in India for cryptocurrencies is their regulation or atleast Supreme Court decision of RBI’s diktat to ban banks from dealing with crypto businesses.

So while we love to share authenticated and trusted News around the matter. I also want to empower our readers to do their own research, atleast when it comes to Supreme Court Case. So here’s how you can check Case Status, submitted document status, Judgment/orders on the case, listing dates and so on.

How to Check Status of Crypto Matter on Supreme Court Website

There are several things about a case you can check on Supreme Court website. The updates are generally not instantaneous, but they do happen by the end of the day.

As you may already be aware, there are several petitions clubbed together. So first, we will list out all the case numbers. Either one is good to start your search on the official Supreme court website –, but we recommend going with the oldest case.

All Cases in the Crypto Matter

Diary NumberCase NumberCase Details

W.P.(C) No. 001071 – / 2017 Siddharth Dalmia Vs Union of India
Registered on November 03, 2017.
Petition to Regulate/Ban Cryptocurrencies in India
35252/2017W.P.(C) No. 001076 – / 2017Dwaipayan Bhowmick Vs Union of India
Registered on November 06, 2017
Petition to Clear Stance on Cryptocurrencies in India
14587/2018W.P.(C) No. 000373 – / 2018Rajdeep Singh Vs Reserve Bank of India
Registered on April 20, 2018
Petition for interim relief on RBI’s Banking Restrictions
19230/2018W.P.(C) No. 000528 – / 2018Internet and Mobile Association of India Vs RBI
Registered on May 16, 2018
Petition for stay on RBI’s circular
20325/2018T.P.(C) No. 000961 – 000963 / 2018RBI Vs Kali Digital Ecosystems Pvt Ltd
Registered on May 29, 2018
The case was brought into Supreme Court from Delhi High Court.

Checking the Status of a Case

To check the current status of the case like

  • When is the case listed for hearing?
  • What was the last order?
  • Are there any submissions in court?

Use the Supreme Court website’s “case status” tab.

You can choose any of the options like Diary number, case number, party name to look for a case. Diary is the most straight forward out of all options. We will try to search for the oldest case with diary number 34785, placed in 2017.

Enter the captcha, diary number and year when case was registered and submit.

Searching for crypto matter on the Supreme Court website.

The website will show result of the case and since there is only 1 diary+year combination, you will be shown all of the case details on the same page.

You can see the following details directly:

  • Case Number
  • Last Listed on or if it is added to a cause list, the present date of listing.
  • Status/Stage of the case
  • Tentative date of listing
  • Category of the case
  • Act number if applicable
  • Petitioners
  • Respondents
  • Lawyers representing Petitioners
  • Lawyers representing Respondents

Knowing when the case will be heard in court

The most important information for us here is the date of listing. That is how we know when the Supreme court will next hear the crypto matter.

Last, present and tentative listing date of a case

Checking a past Judgment or Order in the case

Now that you know the date of listing, what happens on the day of listing?

The court gathers, petitioners argue, respondents argue, the court gives an order. It could be anything from the next hearing date to even a judgment closing the case.

You will not see this official order immediately on the website. It takes a few hours to even a day before the case is updated with the latest order/judgment. However, to see all current and past judgments, you need to scroll down on the status page and click on the button with the same name.

Once there, you can click on any date to read the court order from that day for the crypto matter.

Supreme Court Orders in the Crypto matter

How to check if RBI or government submitted any documents to court?

Many times in a supreme court matter, the court may ask the petitioner or respondent to submit certain documents. For instance, in the crypto matter RBI was asked to submit a response to IAMAI within a week last year.

You can check if any documents were submitted in the “Interlocutory Application / Documents” section. However, you cannot see the content or even the title of the document submitted. But knowing that a submission has happened is half the fun right?

Always check all the Cases’ status

Although all Crypto matters are connected and you can see that in the “Tagged matters” field, it is advisable to still open each case and check if any documents were submitted for that particular case.

More importantly, not all court orders are visible on certain cases.

Go with 34785/2017 Siddharth Dalmia Vs Union of India

Always start with the oldest case when looking up the case status and other details. These are the ones that are updated first and most of the time only ones to have the latest information.

In case of the Crypto matter, the oldest is Diary number: 34785/2017, registered on November 03, 2017 by advocate Siddharth Dalmia.

Before Hearing day, how to check the court and number of listing?

Okay this is complicated so pay attention. If the tentative day of listing is March 29, 2019, an advanced Cause list may include the case in respective courts. A cause list is like a list of matters to be heard in any particular court. An advanced cause list is prepared a few days in advance, so that the advocates can prepare themselves.

A final cause-list is prepared close to the tentative listing date. This list includes the cases, the respective court for hearing and a serial number. You can check the cause-list on the homepage of the Supreme Court website. Each cause-list is distributed date wise.

How to check Crypto matter in Supreme court website
Cause lists on Supreme Court website Homepage. Crypto matter listed on March 29, 2019

As we have seen it happen in the past, despite cause-lists, sometimes the courts adjourn the matter due to lack of time and give a new date of listing.

Fortunately in case of Crypto Matter, the court has agreed to give it priority this time.

On Day of Listing, How to check if the Case is in hearing?

On the day of hearing, you must have two things known. The Court number and the serial number of the case. Both of these you can find on the Cause-list. On top of the page, you’ll see the court number and against the Case number, there will be a serial number.

Supreme Court matter listed in Court No 5, serial number 60

Now that you know the court number and serial number, on the day of hearing, you need to keep an eye on the “display board” of the Supreme Court on its website. The Display Board can be selected from the left sidebar of the website, or just go to

When the serial number of Crypto matter displays in the court of listing, it means the case is now on board and in process of hearing.

On March 29, 2019 if under court 5, Sr no 60 shows up, it means the Crypto matter is in hearing.

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