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Here’s How You Can Get Game of Thrones Themed Tokens

  • Ever wondered if GOT characters could raise funds via ICO instead of Iron Bank?
  • Nodesmith created ERC20 tokens for four characters of the popular show – Eddard Stark, Brienne of Tarth, Hodor and Daenerys.
  • Of course they are value less, but you can still get some and be part of the Westeros history as the tokens will only be minted until Season 8 is over.

No Spoilers ahead!! Safe to read.

When I speak at meet-ups I often tell people about how not everything you read on internet will be on Coin Crunch India, but what you read here will not likely be that popular. So here we are, bringing you an article about worthless crypto assets in terms of price but yet a collectible you’d love to experiment with if you’re a Game of Thrones fan.

How to get your GOT tokens?

It is simple. You must have Metamask installed on your browser and have a little ETH for the gas fees in your wallet to get started.

On the GOT coins website, you can choose the coin you’d like to mint and acquire. They all serve a different purpose, they all have different conditions based on their characters on the show.

Eddard Stark Coin (NedCoin)

NedCoin on GotCoins

Much like the Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King Ned Stark’s fate on the show, there can be wins and misses when it comes to NedCoin. Every 1 in 5 times NedCoin is transferred between two wallets, the coins are burned.

I’d love to try this out. I have 100 Ned coins, join our telegram group and let me know your ERC20 address and we can test this out.

Brienne Coin

Brienne Coin

One thing that every fan of GoT would say about Lady Brienne of Tarth is that she is incredibly loyal. Her loyalty is not for sale. But on Gotcoins, her loyalty can be pledged to any token. It can be changed by anyone, people like you and I.

I don’t want to change her loyalty. But you can definitely try. Either way, I got 100 Brienne coins for myself.

Hodor Coin

Hodor Coin

Another loyal servant of Game Of Thrones universe Hodor gets his own coin on GoT coins. HodorHodor or “Hold the Door” are the words that speak volumes about Hodor. Without revealing anything further, the unique characteristic of Hodor Coin is that every time it is transferred, the Ethereum chain is scribbled with the words “HodorHodor” in Hodor’s honour.

To see it, you can check the event logs of a transaction.

Daenerys Coin

Daenerys coin

Bad news is that the Khaleesi coins are already claimed, there can be no more. In the show, the queen of people, the unburnt, the breaker of chains and so on and so forth have three dragons.

The makers of GoT coins played a sick joke on fans like me by creating only three tokens, Dragon 0, Dragon 1 and Dragon 2. I am trying to hunt down the claimants and ask them to send one to me. But otherwise, it is pretty cool, this is like a limited edition token.

So get your metamask ready and head over to to claim your Special edition Game of Thrones tokens.

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