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Get Your Blockchain Knowledge: InbloxOpen to Give Out 2500 Early Access Accounts

On Saturday, May 11, 2019,, a platform for all-things-blockchain created by Abhimanyu Kashyap held an InbloxOpen Meet at Innov8, Cyber Hub, the usual place for Inblox’s Events in the past.

I am very close to Inblox and Abhimanyu is one of the many people I love to work with regularly. Although I couldn’t attend the event, after learning about what happened there, I feel like I was there sitting among the audience somewhere.

So let me share some the big news from the event.

InbloxOpen Series

Inblox Open is a platform to arrange series of inspirational and educational speaker sessions focused primary in spreading awareness and up-skilling people chained around the (blockchain) ecosystem.

All of the Inblox events take place at Innov8, Cyberhub in Gurugram. On this unique partnership, founder Abhimanyu Kashyap said, “The association with Innov8 Co-working is special and very close to me. The amount of support they have shown towards the cause is commendable and i am thankful to Ritesh Malik and the whole team for that. We are bringing a new wave in the networking and hands on learning workshops with our super skilled and experienced fraternity members.”

inblox open series at innov8 cyberhub
Some of the audience members at Inblox Open

The Speakers and The News

The main highlight of the event was Marlin Protocol, a blockchain company and their big news on being backed by Binance Labs. Marlin, with Indians at helm is the only project on Binance Labs from India.

Nilotpal Mukherjee, Co-founder & CBO of Marlin said “We are really excited to be backed by Binance labs, and see our collaboration as a stepping stone to our P2P scaling vision”. The event also marked Marlin announcing their official partnership with Blockcloud, with Dr Ming (CEO, Blockcloud) sharing the stage with Nilotpal speaking of their association and a collaborative journey.

The event started with Kashyap, sharing the ethos and vision behind InbloxOpen Events and how one can join in and support the movement. The InbloxOpen platform provides infrastructure support services to an array of well established and new prodigies who are really changing the way we live today.

Abhimanyu Kashyap, creator of

Adding to this Kashyap said “There is so much fire in an entrepreneur or a protagonist, there has to be a platform for giving these people real audience who wants to be like them, get inspired and also find them as mentors, angels in their lives. I know many cases where the meet-ups have proved vital in changing an attendees life, one such case is of Vikas Singh, founder of Bloque Labs who found his mentor 2 years back at a closed meet-up event and today is running a blockchain based startup and serving the industry.”

The other speakers included Apoorv Shankar from Nikoin, Vikas Singh from BloqueLabs and one of the most promising lawyers in India, Varun Sethi from Blockchain Lawyer.

A lot of blockchain experts were seen at the event including Shantanu Sharma, who also has started his own talk show by the name of Hard Fork.

In other attendees Chandan Choudhary came down especially to attend this on behalf of Tradelabs Software, a company experienced to build institutional grade exchanges and support systems.

Now, if you missed this event like me, fear not, we will soon have some videos from the event on the Inblox platform.

speakers at the Inblox Open event in Gurugram: From the left, Abhimanyu Kashyap(Standing), Apoorv Shankar, Vikas Singh, Varun Sethi
From the left, Abhimanyu Kashyap(Standing), Apoorv Shankar, Vikas Singh, Varun Sethi
Audience at the Inblox open events in gurugram
InbloxOpen event at Gurugram on May 11, 2019

Knowledge is Free and Up for Grabs

InbloxOpen is set to put their presence felt again with the best projects and speakers of the Global Ecosystem. InbloxOpen believes in the idea that these type of events should be more about knowledge and should not be taxed or charged.

So for all our connections and community members, InbloxOpen would like to give out 2500 early access accounts on the Alpha version of the Inblox platform, which is soon to be launched for the community and fraternity members.

You can get started with Inblox at

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