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Bitbns Introduces ‘Super Peer’ for Quick High Volume INR Deposits & Withdrawals

Super Peers are high volume traders on the USDT/INR peer to peer market. This will reduce number of transactions that traders have to do to deposit or withdraw high volumes of INR.

Bitbns, one of India’s prominent crypto exchange launched a new feature on their platform on Friday. Any user depositing or withdrawing more than 500 USDT using their USDT-INR P2P platform can now become a “Super Peer”. USDT to INR is one of the several ways to deposit and withdraw INR on the exchange.

“If you are looking to buy or sell large USDT volumes, then Super Peers Order Book is your best bet.” says the announcement from Bitbns.

How Super Peer Orderbook Works!

On the INR-USDT peer to peer market, users can now see two orderbooks, one for normal transactions and other one for Super Peers. Super Peers are part of both.

A trader can choose a Super Peer from the orderbook in order to complete the transaction. Each Super Peer can choose their own username. The request will be instantly matched and then it works simply like the normal USDT-INR P2P transaction.

Super Peers Orderbook on Bitbns for INR withdrawal.

Because Super Peers are also part of the normal orderbook, they still stand a chance to get their orders fulfilled by smaller deposit orders if no other super peers are available.

Super Peers on normal as well as dedicated orderbook

In the last 4 days since being operational, Rahul Jain from Bitbns tells us the super peers have contributed a volume of 230k+ USDT with 139 Super Peers, an average of 1657 USDT per peer.

Have you checked it out yet?

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