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New Binance Referral Update: Share commission with Friends who join the Exchange

Under the new upgrade, Binance users can share a part of their referral commission with the users they invited to join the exchange.

Binance users can earn 20% referral commission, which is 20% of the trading fees paid by their referred users if they hold under 500 BNB tokens. If a user holds over 500 BNB tokens, they earn 40% referral commission.

Now, the users can choose to giveaway a part of their referral earnings to their referred users as a “kickback”. A referrer earning 20% commission can give 5 or 10% commission back to the invited users, similarly a referrer earning 40% commission can give back 5, 10, 15, or 20% commission back to the invited users.

Binance’s new ‘Kickback’ feature under referral program.

A user can generate upto 20 referral links with any amount of kickbacks they prefer to give. For instance I have now created a link for 5% and 10% referral kickback.

Different links for referral Kickbacks created on Binance

The new feature can help users woo their friends to trade on Binance by giving a “discount” on trading fees, especially if the referred user’s trading volume is really high.

What do you think about this new kickback feature on Binance? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Referral links used in the article are of the author and will not affect the trading experience negatively for the users.

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