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Bracket Trading Platform Koinfox Partners with Crypto Exchange CoinDCX

Indian Crypto Exchange CoinDCX and Crypto Trading enabler Koinfox have joined hands to leverage each other’s unique features.

Recently, Koinfox launched version 2.0 of its platform with a revamp of the web app and mobile app. Earlier Koinfox offered trading with bracket orders on Binance, including a facility to place brackets right before the trading for new IEO tokens went live.

In a statement received by Coin Crunch India, the platform said, Koinfox will blend its pioneering technology with CoinDCX’s financial gears like deep liquidity, lending features, and margin and derivatives trading for the crypto enthusiasts.

Koinfox and CoinDCX, competitors?

Both platforms essentially provide the customers a facility to create bracket orders on Binance. They both leverage the liquidity of Binance, albeit coinDCX also facilitates trades on Huobi exchange and has its own exchange for INR based trading.

Koinfox in its statement, said “Sumit (CEO of CoinDCX) has been doing amazing work in Fintech space by innovating a plethora of interesting models that have been currently adopted by global exchanges. We are really excited to offer these products to more than 50K users growing globally as we speak.”

We asked CoinDCX, despite having bracket trading features, why do they think Koinfox will add value?

CoinDCX responded, “What Koinfox is doing to the trading industry, WhatsApp did to chats. Koinfox is focussing on core technology and simplifying the trading business. Their innovative tools will help our platform users to improve their trading experiences. The industry is at a point of innovation explosion which requires collaborative transformation. Therefore, we decided to focus on our core fortes and create synergies with this partnership.”

This is an exclusive byte from both platforms to Coin Crunch India, more details on the partnership will be announced soon.

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