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Pre-orders for Binance IEO BAND tokens is Active on Koinfox

Koinfox, the bracket trading platform has upgraded its Pre-order feature for IEO tokens. Koinfox users can now place BAND token Buy/Sell Pre-orders. These orders will be executed as soon as trading goes live on Binance at 5:30 PM IST today.

These orders can either be Limit orders or “Conditional orders”.

A user on Koinfox can set conditions for Buying or selling BAND tokens. For instance, user can set a condition such that if price is >= 4x of the listing price, then execute a market/limit sell order and also set a corresponding Buy order to book profits.

Similarly, if price is <=2x of the listing, then execute a market/limit buy order and set a corresponding sell order to book profits.

In the following conditional order, the setup is if the price falls below or is equal to the listing price (0.02281717 BNB), then execute a buy order for 87.6 BAND tokens and sell them at 75.28% profit.

Koinfox Conditional advanced IEO Pre-orders

Users can even place non-conditional Bracket orders for BAND token using Koinfox. User can setup the Limit Buy/Sell price for BAND token, and optionally also place the corresponding Sell/Buy order to book profits.

In the screenshot below, we have setup Buy Price for BAND token at 0.03 BNB. We have not set any Sell Price. You can set the sell price at comfortable profit, and place the bracket.

All of the orders will be placed as soon as trading goes live on Binance for BAND token which is at 5:30 PM IST on September 18, 2019.

Placing a Bracket order for Binance IEO BAND token using Koinfox

This can be achieved using a trading bot, but not everyone has the aptitude to code and run a trading bot. This is where tools like Koinfox make it easier for traders who want to be the first ones to place orders as soon as an IEO token is listed.

Will you be placing BAND IEO pre-order? Let us know in the comments below.

You can check out Koinfox here.

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