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Blockchain Catalysts 2019 – who kept the Fire Burning in India for DLT

It is a brand new year, set with brand new challenges. One of the biggest challenge in India is building and delivering Blockchain projects. Several reasons can be attributed to the rather slow development of Blockchain Technology in India, including ambiguity around regulations, non-ease of business, talent crunch, general awareness, etc.

But several people kept moving ahead, kept paving way through the rough path, to keep building, to keep the discussion going, to keep the fire burning for Blockchain and by extension cryptocurrencies in India.

We made a list of 100 most important Blockchain catalysts of India for 2019. We reached out to them to hear straight from the horse’s mouth. We received responses from some, some declined to be part of it, and some did not respond. At the end, we have a list of 95 individuals/companies that are the true torch bearers for Blockchain in India.

By no means, this list is exhaustive. We are only human and if we have missed anyone, please leave us a comment below and let us know.

There are two lists.

1 – List of individuals/companies who responded to us – we are publishing their names, bio, company bios and their Vision2020 for India and Blockchain.

2 – List of individuals who did not respond – we can only publish their names and their company/work.

For various reasons, the following catalysts did not respond to Coin Crunch Questionnaire and hence we are just listing their names and company. These individuals have made a difference to improve the Blockchain ecosystem significantly as well.

On a side note, couple of them did reply to say they don’t have time to fill the form!

What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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