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Genesis Block 2020: Indian Bitcoin Conference to look out for

Disclaimer: This press release is authored by Jake Greenbaum (The Crypto King) for Genesis Block 2020 conference, Coin Crunch is an outreach partner and Naimish Sanghvi, our founder is a speaker at the conference. Coin Crunch does not endorse any financial recommendations or projects discussed at the event and is simply joining the efforts to build and nourish a budding community of Blockchain enthusiasts in India.

India is the second most populous nation in the world with a huge interest in blockchain and crypto. For almost 2 years there has been a ‘ban’ on cryptocurrency trading since the Reserve Bank of India issued a notice to Indian banks to stop dealing with any cryptocurrency businesses. However, peer to peer trading continues on and India once again has solidified itself as a blockchain leader.

It seems India has had a volatile past with blockchain but has corrected course and is trending in the right direction.

Besides beautiful archeological sites and magnificent natural wonders India is known for their high levels of tech savvy. Some of the world’s best engineers and developers are based out of India. Blockchain requires this level of technological ingenuity.

Where better to discuss technology, cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin and India’s developments than at a conference in India?

Genesis Block 2020 in Bangalore

The major blockchain conference being brought together by many of India’s top crypto startups is taking place January 25 and 26. Genesis Block 2020 is taking place in Bangalore, India, and is hosting many of the top speakers in the space.

Matic (Title Sponsor), WazirX, Delta Exchange, inblox Network and many others are joining forces to pull off India’s 1st major blockchain event part of the #IndiaWantsCrypto campaign. Over a year ago, Nischal Shetty, the founder of WazirX (recently acquired by Binance) started this campaign to shed light on India’s desire to enter the blockchain space.

India has the 2nd largest pool of developers in the world and with major institutions like Binance noticing, it is not surprising to see major conferences beginning to pop up across India. Starting with Genesis Block 2020.

This January celebrated the 11th birthday of the Genesis Block and to commemorate this event India is playing host to a major blockchain conference. The conference has a secondary focus, beyond celebrating BTC’s birthday: spreading knowledge.

Misinformation in the Industry

Genesis Block 2020 is well aware that there is significant misinformation in the cryptocurrency space. With their highly selective list of speakers and informational seminars they look to provide proper information regarding many topics. From leaders of Indian blockchain projects to U.S. based ‘influencers’, this conference has it all.

Addressing the immense amount of misinformation in the space is a primary goal of Genesis Block and should be a primary goal of all blockchain conferences. Many conferences solely focus on sponsors and pushing their agenda. Genesis Block 2020 is different, they are here to celebrate BTC, welcome blockchain to India, and inform the public who may be misinformed.


Having the 2nd largest population in the world of individuals and developers makes India a likely focal point for blockchain development in the coming years. It seems Genesis Block 2020 understands this and has gathered the top Indian blockchain companies together to provide information to the public while hosting one of India’s 1st major blockchain events.

Keynote Speakers

  1. Preethi Kasireddy
  2. Sandeep Nailwal
  3. Jake Greenbaum
  4. Nischal Shetty


Matic, Blockstack, Telos, Inblox, Delta Exchange, Newfang, Talentsprint, Alphapoint, Merklescience.

Date: Jan 25-26, 2020

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