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HackenAI Public Sale Announced on OceanEx exchange

OceanEx is pleased to announce today that OceanEx GO! will launch the new project – HackenAI(HAI). HAI’s public sale will start soon. OceanEx has established a mutual cooperation with Hacken ,a cybersecurity-focused company. The cooperation between OceanEx and Hacken will help explore the teamwork between the two parties in various aspects, including promoting proper cybersecurity practices through the adoption and advertising of the HackenAI app for OceanEx’s large user base in an effort to further enhance the security and safety of its users. Before the HAI public sale starts, here’s a comprehensive understanding about this project. 

What is HackenAI?

HackenAI is the all-in-one continually developing personal cybersecurity application they developed to help keep the digital identity and online world safe. Data protection and guarding online privacy is becoming an increasingly essential element of our digital lives. 

Citizens across the planet need to take great care of personal data yet, many are unaware of what steps to take and unwittingly leave themselves exposed. At HackenAI, they understand that privacy is becoming more of a challenge, that’s why they devoted their efforts to create an application suite to protect you in this rapidly changing world. Interactive educational modules,achievements, collectibles and staking options will motivate users to care more about their personal cybersecurity and teach them best practices to avoid future issues. With a working viable product around the corner, the team is extremely excited and proud of where they are today and cannot wait to showcase this.

Token Features and Application Scenarios

HAI is Hacken’s native token that powers most of the activities with the HackenAI Application. The HAI token can be used for discounted HackenAI subscription fees as well as purchasing additional services within the application. Staking levels will also be available in the new application. Cryptocurrency Enterprises who wish to enlist Hacken’s professionals, research or 2000+ White Hat community will need to stake HAI tokens. Furthermore, the utility and demand of HAI will continuously grow as they have a referral bonus program integrated into the app.

Interested parties should contact [email protected] for more details.

About OceanEx

OceanEx Digital Asset Trading Platform uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to provide a secure and ultra-fluid digital currency trading market. Capable of comprehensive quantitative trading, it offers a rich set of investment tools and products to meet the needs of all types of investors and investment strategies. Members of its team come from Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Deloitte, Samsung Electronics Research Institute, Cisco and other internationally renowned companies. OceanEx is committed to creating more professional digital asset trading services for investors.

About Hacken

Hacken is a cybersecurity company supported by a community of over 2000 white hat hackers dedicated to creating a secure cybersecurity ecosystem. Hacken has delivered cybersecurity solutions to more than 50 digital assets projects and over 200 corporate clients, including the US Department of Justice and AirAsia. In addition, Hacken is the only cybersecurity company that is designated as a strategic partner in the Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA), led by leading cryptocurrency ranking website CoinMarketCap.

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