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India based Crypto Trading Terminal Koinfox becomes Binance Broker Partner

Binance Broker Partner Program provides order matching services, account management and settlements systems. The partner can earn as high as 60% of the trading fees from users. However, Binance puts some strict conditions to join the program.

As the country celebrated the win of Cryptoassets over the Reserve Bank’s Banking ban, Koinfox, India based “intelligent” trading terminal made an announcement on twitter – they were now a Binance Broker Partner.

Koinfox allows its users to place trades on several exchanges including Binance, Kucoin and many more from one terminal. The USP of Koinfox is the tools that are available on the platform to make better trading choices. From conditional brackets to loops, koinfox has integrated several innovative ways to trade on crypto exchanges.

The Binance Broker Partner program launched in September 2019 by the exchange with a goal to recruit 100 partners. The brokers receive benefits such as upto 60% of the trading fees from the trades taken by their users. They also get access to Binance’s liquidity and infrastructure. Best brokers get rewarded by the exchange from the generated revenue.

Koinfox to offer 20% Trading Fee Back to traders

Koinfox will give back 20% of the trading fee to all their users who trade on Binance via the platform. While many platform rely on affiliate or referral based sign up to reward such rebates, Koinfox has announced the feature for all users without the need of referrals.

To become a Binance Broker Partner, one has to pledge 1000 BTC volume every month. Additionally the broker partner need to lock 3000 BNB coins in their Binance accounts.

Binance offers the broker program only to platforms with over 20000 users.

Koinfox joining the broker partner program is a huge boost for the Indian Crypto ecosystem.

Would you trade on Binance using koinfox to get 20% Binance trading fees back? Let us know in the comments below.

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