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Volunteers Needed: Monitoring and Tracking Covid19 Patients on Blockchain

QuillTrace aims to be a blockchain based solution to monitor Covid19 patients, their movements, recovery on a blockchain to help community combat it by maintaining necessary precautions. The company is looking for volunteers to help build it faster and launch it.

The Covid19 pandemic has claimed almost 20000 lives worldwide with over 430k positive cases. It is imperative that in countries like India, where the number of positive cases are still below 1000 but rising rapidly, we are able to monitor the patient recovery and track the potential cluster movements.

In a recent article, quilltrace demonstrated their proof of concept for the Coronavirus patient tracking application using the Blockchain framework. The set of applications and protocols can help hospitals maintain records of patients, governments to have a bird’s eye view on patients’ conditions and movements, while patients can confirm their status and conditions periodically.

It is difficult to maintain the records of all the patients and monitor them without a digital system in place. Doing it using smart contracts, a consortium of patients, hospitals and governments can efficiently manage the data. Here’s how it will work:

How does it work?

The proposed Blockchain solution is designed to accommodate three different stakeholder perspectives — Patients, Hospitals, Government. Essentially, they all are looking and generating insights from the same data, often called a single source of truth.

For Patients :

Patients can use it to monitor home quarantine. It can also be extended to self-report symptoms to the nearest hospitals/government authorities.

Some of the use cases are as below.

  1. The patient can monitor the start and end date of advised quarantines and deal with associated alerts
  2. They can also report daily of his location (Check-In) — either via mail/message/mobile app. It can even allow location access to trace his movement if data privacy considerations allow.
  3. They can report symptoms or improvements over the course.
  4. They can communicate with caregivers/doctors and seek advice.
Covid19 Blockchain Reporting Tool for Patients by Quilltrace
Covid19 Blockchain Reporting Tool for Patients

For Hospitals/Doctors :

Hospitals can use it to monitor patients admitted for facility quarantine.

Some of the use-cases are as below.

  1. Hospitals can log and report patients. They can also create medical reports.
  2. They can also record daily treatments and efficacy of it. Over time, it can also act as a collaboration tool across doctors to short-list the most effective treatments.
  3. They can also capture patient data/treatments over the quarantine period. Anonymised data can also be used by research agencies to short-list and approve dosages or standardize the method of care.
  4. They can also conduct discharge procedures and conduct follow-up treatments if any.
  5. Tracking and Monitoring of test kits and uploading of results from standardized test labs
Covid19 Blockchain Reporting Tool for Hospitals by Quilltrace
Covid19 Blockchain Reporting Tool for Hospitals

For Government :

Governments can use the data updated by individual patients under home quarantine or the hospitals conducting facility-based quarantines.

This data can be used to generate further insights such as –

  1. Community map of affected population by geolocation. It can be further used to enforce community lockdowns for affected areas only, without disrupting the lives of large-scale population.
  2. Real-time reporting — Patients in-home/facility quarantine
  3. Impact analysis based on location check-ins by home quarantined patients and provide advisory to un-affected population
  4. Testing Center monitoring — Public / Private, to enforce standardized test procedures and reporting
Covid19 Blockchain Reporting Tool for Government of India
Covid19 Blockchain Reporting Tool for Governments

Looking for Volunteer to fight against COVID-19

Anyone can make a difference by joining hands to fight the Covid19 pandemic. Please reach out to us if you wish to volunteer in building the service quickly and roll it out.

Drop an Email at :

Or Fill your details in the Google Form

Alternatively you can also join the Telegram Group

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