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Giottus Exchange Launches Support for Multiple Bank Accounts for INR Deposits and Withdrawals

In a bid to ease Crypto trading for users, Indian Cryptocurrency exchange Giottus announced its support for adding multiple bank accounts for INR deposits and withdrawals last week.

Indian cryptocurrency exchanges follow varied rules and protocols for self regulation, some exchanges put extra effort to ensure bank accounts of users are verified and cannot be misused. However, many exchanges only support INR deposits and withdrawals to and from the exchange for one bank account only. This creates a restriction for certain users when the bank puts limits on transactions or if a certain bank’s having an issue in transferring funds.

Sometimes, users also use multiple bank accounts to park their funds.

Giottus’s new facility will allow users to register, verify and use up to five accounts for deposit and withdrawal INR within the exchange.

The exchange shared a video on how to do the same.

Other exchanges like WazirX and CoinDCX support one bank account, while bitbns supports multiple bank accounts.

Do you think having multiple bank account support necessary? Let us know in the comments below.

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