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Review: Buy Gift Cards in India with Cryptocurrency on with up to 5% CashBack

Spending cryptocurrencies in India is not easy. No merchants accept it. Periodically, the regulators keep reminding us that it is not an approved legal tender in India. There can be an intermediary who converts your crypto to INR and passes on to the merchant. However, merchants in India are unwilling to partner with them as well, given that they have to show they accept crypto. But all is not lost, as there is one more way to buy stuff with Crypto in India – Gift Cards.

Pay Crypto, buy a gift card of the merchant of your choice, pay the merchant using the gift card and merchant never has to know you theoretically bought goods or services with crypto.

We recently reported the launch of in India and listing of their MCO and CRO tokens on CoinDCX, opening up channels to buy those directly with INR. launched Gift cards in India recently as well.

In this article we show how to buy a gift card on and also pick up a Cashback reward while doing so.

We will buy a Rs. 1000 Gift card of Flipkart from which gives a 2.5%-5% cashback for these transactions if purchased with their native token CRO. But first, lets see what other merchants are there on the app.

Merchants on gift cards aren’t new to the world, they are to Indian users. There are several merchant gift cards available on the app across the world. In India, the merchants as of now are limited but ranges from retail, shopping to entertainment. Personally, I’d like to see iTunes and Play Store gift cards soon.

Some of the gift cards you can buy in India include Flipkart, Big Bazaar, BookMyShow, ClearTrip, Lifestyle, MakeMytrip, PVR, etc. Here’s a full list.

Gift cards you can buy on using Cryptocurrencies

Not only this, but since is an international app, users can actually buy gift cards that are usable in other countries too. There are several countries available on the app like Australia, US, Singapore, Canada, Italy and many more. See if you can catch them all in the gif below.

Countries where Crypto.Com supports Gift cards

Steps to Buy A Gift Card on

Users can buy Gift cards on the app with BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP or CRO. CRO is the native token on Buying with CRO is beneficial as users get 2.5% reward/cashback on the spent amount. It can be 5% in certain cases if the user is staking CRO on the platform.

There are few easy steps to follow once you have deposited cryptocurrency into the wallet.

  1. Click the option to “Pay” on the app then select “Gift Cards”.
  2. Pick a merchant from recent purchases or click on “Shop Now” to head to the gift card section.
  3. By Default “India” is selected as the country, you can change it for an adventure.
  4. Click on the Merchant for which you wish to buy the gift card (I picked Flipkart).
  5. Select the amount – Rs. 100, Rs. 250, Rs. 500, or Rs. 1000 and click on “Pay”.
  6. Choose the Cryptocurrency you wish to pay with and click “Continue to Review”.
  7. Review it, and “Confirm”.
  8. Enter the Passcode or pin for the app.
  9. The gift card is purchased. You will receive a Reward if paid in CRO.
  10. You can view the gift card in “My gift Card” Section from Step 2. You will also receive an email with the details. Now, go shopping.
Buying a Gift Card on – Steps 1-4, Choose the merchant on to buy the Gift card for
Buying a Gift Card on – Steps 5-6, Choose the value of Gift Card and the crypto to pay with
Buying a Gift Card on – Steps 7-10, Make the payment, Take the card.

Verifying the Gift Card

I now possess Flipkart gift card worth Rs. 1000 along with two more gift cards worth Rs. 100 each I purchased before writing this article to try out the platform. The cat was out of the bag from the above screenshot where my balance says Rs. 1200.

How do I validate if the gift card I just purchased is legit? By going to the merchant site.

In this case, I opened up my Flipkart account and “Added a gift card”. I entered the Card number and Pin, and voila, it was added. Of course if you purchased the gift card to actually gift it to someone, you have to ask that person to add the card to her flipkart wallet.

Gift Card added to Flipkart

Is it worth buying Gift Cards using Crypto?

Now that we know we can spend crypto to pay for stuff in India, the real question is whether or not would I want to do that?

The answer is simple. Do you have crypto that instead of holding, you wish to spend? Then go for it.

There may be times when the Crypto value you are spending is not exactly the same as the gift card value you receive. But the difference of 1-3% should hardly matter if the purpose is to spend cryptocurrency that you already have.

We don’t advise buying crypto and then spending it for gift cards right away. It would not make sense unless the 2.5% to 5% cashback is actually keeping you in profit. Keep the INR rates of crypto in mind while doing so.

If you hold cryptocurrency and wish to gift someone or yourself a gift card, do it here. The app is easy to use and there are many other features on them besides the gift cards which are lucrative as well.

Get $50 reward by joining and staking MCO tokens.

Would you buy a gift card with Cryptocurrencies? Let us know in the comments below.

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