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Review: Pay/Send Crypto to non users from

To test the Pay/Send Crypto feature on, I sent $20 worth of CRO tokens using mobile app to my dad, my mom and a friend. One has never used crypto, one has used in the past, and one has recently started investing.

Continuing my endeavour to explore, after venturing into the gift cards territory last week, I decided to use their “Pay” feature today. “Pay” allows a user to Pay/Send crypto to anyone, the person I want to pay in crypto doesn’t have to be a user. They do need to set up an account to claim the payment, but to begin with, I can simply send payment in crypto to their phone number and they will receive a link to register on the platform by SMS. Pay

The #TimeforPlanB(itcoin) campaign runners opened up their mobile apps to the people of India recently. A user can deposit, withdraw, exchange, stake, borrow, earn, pay, buy giftcards using certain cryptocurrencies on the platform. In this article we are looking at the Pay option to send cryptocurrencies to anyone in the world, and also receive rewards for it.

The day I am writing this is also my dad’s birthday, so I figured who better than a no-coiner like my father to test the application with. Now, of course I had to help him install the app and complete KYC to receive the gift I sent, hence I sent $20 to a friend who can do all of this by herself and give a better feedback. On the other hand, just to be absolutely sure, I sent $20 also to my mom as she already has a verified account.

The process to send/pay someone with crypto is fairly simple. However, sending crypto should not be confused with withdrawing crypto assets. Withdrawal is generally done to an external wallet outside of

Steps to Pay/Send Crypto on

  1. Click the option to “Pay” on the app then select “send”.
  2. Your contacts using will be listed first, followed by non users. Users can use the search bar to look up a specific user.
  3. Click “Send and refer” on the recipient contact. If they are a user, the option available is “Send”.
  4. Enter amount to transfer. Optionally, you can even choose a message or write one.
  5. Choose the Cryptocurrency you wish to pay with.
  6. Review it, and “Confirm”.
  7. Enter the Passcode or pin for the app.
  8. Recipient will receive an SMS with further details to claim the crypto sent to them.
pay/Send Crypto to anyone on
Pay/Send Crypto to anyone using, steps 1-3, choose the contact to send Crypto assets to.
pay/Send Crypto to anyone on and earn cashback
Sending Crypto to anyone using, steps 4-6, Enter the amount to send, choose the crypto asset and confirm.
pay/Send Crypto to anyone on, even if they are not a user, they will receive an SMS to register.
Pay/SendCrypto to anyone using If Recipient is not a user, they receive an SMS with details of the transfer

Claiming and Validating the Payment

While downloading the app and registering isn’t difficult, using a mobile phone for my dad is pretty much limited to couple of games, whatsapp, calls, SMS and UPI Bank transfers. Hence, to simply tell him to follow instructions to complete the registration wasn’t going to help.

Before I could even finish the notes I was making, my dad came to me and told me he received a “different type of SMS” from me. Anyway, so we sat down, registered, completed his KYC, which was approved in a couple hours and saw the 310 CRO tokens sitting in his wallet.

He asked me, what can he do with it. I said, send it to mom to which he said, and I am lying “$20 is too less to thank her”. Ultimately I said, dad just buy a gift card and showed him how to. So my dad now has Flipkart gift vouchers like me, bought from

On the contrary, the friend who received a similar SMS, downloaded the app, registered and sent the CRO tokens back to me in a few hours. Why? Because that’s the rule when we test products together.

My mother simply received a notification that I sent her 310 CRO tokens, which she didn’t care much. This brings me to raise a small issue with

Everytime I send crypto to a user, I write the fiat value on my side and send equivalent tokens. But the recipient gets an SMS with Crypto value (like 310 CRO and not $20), as obviously the value of crypto tokens fluctuate. So it may seem like someone would simply see and it and ignore asking, what is CRO? in rare cases.

Rewards for Sending CRO tokens to Pay/Send Crypto

If a user is staking 10000 CRO tokens on the platform, they are eligible to receive rewards for paying in crypto. The reward for paying in CRO tokens is 10%. I sent a total of $60 from the app today. I have received 31+31+15 CRO tokens back, worth $5.

There is a limit of $5 per month in rewards.

Our Take on “Pay” Using

We all want everyone to start using cryptocurrencies for faster payments around the world, that’s the end goal for Crypto adoption. Hence, being able to send Crypto to someone even when they have never used it is in my opinion a really attractive feature. Additionally since all these users are referred by the sender, the sender and recipient both get $50 bonus if they stake 50 MCO tokens on the platform.

And, by sending $50 worth of crypto, one can also make $5 in rewards which is also a lucrative proposition but requires staking 10000 CRO tokens for three months atleast. It is not without benefits, users can earn 16-18% interest per annum by staking CRO tokens. app is easy to use and intuitive. Fortunately I actually spent some time with my parents teaching them how to use the app and now we are transferring crypto back and forth just to try it out. As for me, I will be writing more reviews on the platform and its other features. Stay Tuned.

Get $50 reward by joining and staking MCO tokens.

Would you use to send Crypto to your friends? Let us know in the comments below.

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