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Bitcoin Evangelist Has a Solution to Help Migrant Workers Earn their Daily Wages

No it has nothing to do with Bitcoin.

You might remember Dr. Tausif Malik from our articles dating back to 2018. Indian-American Dr. Malik had launched Maharashtra – Blockchain Fintech ICO and Cryptocurrency in 2018 to train Dalit youth in Bitcoin Mining. The RBI Ring fencing, a soft ban on Crypto trading, eventually put a halt on that plan.

Under these unprecedented times of a pandemic, migrant workers are bearing the brunt all over the country. Torn between wanting to go home and having no place to stay, migrant workers have been seen walking hundreds if not thousands of kilometers to get back to their native villages. Thackeray in his address last month asked for suggestions from experts in economy and otherwise to come up with solutions if any.

The social entrepreneur frequenting Pune – Chicago recently came up with a unique idea to support migrant workers’ income and keep letting them earn their daily wages.

His idea: Ask the quarantined migrants to renovate, paint, clean up, and complete other odd jobs at their quarantine locations like governments schools and large halls. The state ministries can offer them payment in return. Shooting two or rather three birds with an arrow, as the workers get paid, their mental health remain unaffected and the infrastructure gets an overhaul.

“This will also push and start the slowed down economy in our state of Maharashtra”, says Dr. Malik.

Explaining further Dr Malik said, “There are lakhs of migrants currently stuck in many parts of the country. Of these over 80,000 are in Maharashtra and in several parts of the state. These are adamant on leaving as they could only survive if they are paid daily. They are daily wagers and since due to lockdown many lost their work and have absolutely no job to do; the state can start a unique initiative.”

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