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Paxful Mobile App Review: Buying Bitcoin from Phone

Paxful, one of the largest Peer to Peer Marketplace to buy and sell Bitcoin, also offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android Phones. We are reviewing Paxful’s app in this article.

It is very likely that you’re reading this article on your smartphone. You probably clicked the link on Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp or somewhere else and it popped open on your phone itself. We do everything on the phone these days, so it was imperative that when we review a product, we also review its mobile app, that is, if there is one.

Both Android and iOS versions of the app are nearly identical, I decided to carry on with the iOS app as Paxful has restrictions on Android around taking screenshots.

Key Features of the Paxful Mobile App

I honestly did not see myself buying Bitcoins with the Paxful mobile app. I figured I can deposit and withdraw BTC if I have to, hence use the app as a wallet. Mobile apps, while great, can limit the experience, but spoiler alert – I was able to seamlessly trade on Paxful’s mobile app. That being said, since the app simply opens the trading page in responsive (mobile web) mode, the experience of trading can be considered good on both mobile app as well as Mobile web.

But Paxful’s mobile app has some gems to offer:

  • Easy interface to Buy, Sell, Deposit and Withdraw/Spend Bitcoins.
  • Get Notifications of any trade requests, chat, etc so user doesn’t have to constantly be online.
  • Check Account Details, Trade History.
  • Fetch and send Affiliate links, QR code to make your friends sign up.
Paxful mobile app allows you to trade, deposit, withdraw BTC and monitor trade history.

The only thing missing in the mobile app, is the Dashboard experience of the website. Although, as a workaround you can access the Dashboard on the mobile app, by opening the trading screen and then using the HamBurger Menu Button (≡).

As I said earlier, while everything is native to the mobile app, the trading screens seem to open up the mobile/responsive version of the website within the app. User can buy/sell BTC on the app by directly opening a request with the traders, or create their own offers just like on the Desktop web version of the Marketplace.

Paxful Responsive Site and Paxful Mobile App

Buying BTC on Paxful using Mobile App

There are two main ways to buy BTC on Paxful. User can either choose to trade from existing offers or they can create their own offer.

To buy BTC worth INR 10000, I decided to select an existing offer. User can also select payment method of their choice for the transaction.

Steps to Buy BTC on Paxful Mobile App

  1. Search for offers to buy BTC by selecting the payment method of your choice, so simply scroll down to see all open trades.
  2. Click on “Buy” after selecting the offer of your choice.
  3. You can check the information about the order, seller, etc.
  4. Ask for the payment details in the chat, if not already provided.
  5. Make the payment as per the details given by seller and click “Paid” on Actions/Info tab
  6. Seller has 3 hours to verify the payment and release the BTC.

Note: Beware of scammers on websites dealing in crypto. User should either cancel the trade or report it immediately if they find anything suspicious.

During a trade, Bank account/wallet/other payment details are usually posted on the chat automatically if the seller set it up. If not, the buyer can always ask, like I did in the trade below.

Buying BTC on Paxful Mobile App

After the seller verifies the payment and releases the Bitcoin, both buyer and seller can leave each other feedback about the chat. The feedback goes a long way to identify good users on the platform. More positive feedback = Reliable trader.

Once the Bitcoin are in the user’s wallet, they can either keep it there, withdraw it and if they are adventurous or markets have moved up, they can sell it too.

Wholesome App Experience

The first trade I made using the app, was about 10 days ago. The second was the same day, today while writing this article I made my 9th trade using only the mobile app. Many of them also did not completely go through as buyers (I was selling), would not make the payment in time and the trade would be cancelled automatically.

Personally, I am content with Paxful’s mobile app for buying and selling Bitcoin. For Peer to Peer Bitcoin Trading, Paxful seems to be doing everything right. The best feature of the mobile app are the notifications. As soon as a trader opens a trade with me or texts me, I get a notification. This helps when you do not want to sit around waiting for the other user to reply.

I do hover to the desktop website from time to time like I hover to my refrigerator despite knowing there is literally nothing inside of my interest and I had checked it only an hour ago.

Have you tried the Paxful Mobile app? What are your views on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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