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How to Recharge Prepaid Phones using Airtime and Get 5% Cashback recently launched the Pay “Airtime” feature allowing Mobile top ups at more than 100 countries worldwide. Users get 2.5%-5% CashBack using the native CRO token for payment.

In India, the cost of Mobile data and calls for a year is worth a couple dinners at a fancy restaurant. Although the mobile operators recently doubled the costs, one can still make unlimited domestic calls and use 1-2 GB Mobile data everyday for an entire year for just less than Rs. 2500. In UAE, you can barely get 10 GB data with this amount. Thanks to this cheap data and calling, number of smartphone users have already crosses 500 million and is estimated to grow at more than 15% every year.

More than 90% mobile users in India are prepaid card holders. Recent advertisement from Mobile operators around promoting various ways of recharging your mobile balance reveals that a large section on the country relies on physical locations and friends for topping up their phones.

My mom and dad rely on me for recharging their phones as well mostly because they are scared that they might lose money if they press a wrong button. So with 90% prepaid users, most of whom rely on others for recharging, India is definitely a ripe market for launching various alternative avenues for mobile recharge, especially one that may come with cashback and bonuses. Pay Airtime’s Pay feature has added a new sub feature “Airtime” for mobile top ups/recharges around the world. The other two features are Pay a friend and Buy Gift cards using cryptocurrencies.

The Pay Airtime feature allows App users to pay for prepaid mobile services offered by over 340 prepaid mobile network operators in over 100 countries. The payment can be done in BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC or CRO. Users receive a cashback of 2.5% for using CRO tokens. If the user has staked CRO on the app, the user will receive 5% cashback for all mobile top ups paid in CRO.

For this article we recharged an idea Number for 379 INR, which is a plan with unlimited calling and 6 GB data and valid for 84 days. We also did a normal top up of 100 INR on an Airtel number.

Steps to Top up/Recharge Phone Number from

  1. Click the option to “Pay” on the app then select “Airtime”.
  2. Select one of the two options – Top up your phone or Top up for friends.
  3. Enter the phone number for Top Up if you selected “Top up for friends”
  4. The Mobile operator is selected automatically, select the amount of recharge from all available options and click on “Pay”
  5. Choose the Cryptocurrency you wish to pay with.
  6. Review it, and “Confirm”.
  7. Enter the Passcode or pin for the app.
  8. Top up will be done immediately.
Mobile Top up of Own number using Crypto.Com Pay Airtime Feature
Mobile Top up of Friend’s number using Crypto.Com Pay Airtime Feature
Users gets 2.5-5% Cashback by paying in CRO tokens for mobile prepaid recharge

Upcoming Features for Airtime

Both the recharges were completed immediately and without any issues. So is definitely reliable for Mobile Top Ups. will be adding more features soon, the company confirmed via email to Coin Crunch. One of the crucial ones in my opinion would be to be able to choose mobile operators.

Currently the system automatically chooses the mobile operator after user enters the phone number. The new feature will allow users to choose the mobile operator themselves. This benefits those who have recently ported from one network to another.

Is it worth Recharging your phone using Crypto?

There are many ways to recharge mobile phone using INR, but very few using crypto. If the end goal is to maximise the use of crypto, aka bring adoption, this is the way to do it. is a good bridge between services that need to be paid in INR and users who wish to pay in Crypto.

If you wish to spend crypto, go for it.

The cashback offered by the app for Mobile Top-up is quite lucrative. Users can exchange their existing cryptocurrencies for CRO for free and make the payment on the app.

Staking CRO on the app increases the cashback value. Staking CRO can yield 12-20% interest in a year.

We don’t advise buying crypto and then spending it for recharge right away. It would not make sense unless the 2.5% to 5% cashback is actually keeping you in profit. Keep the INR rates of crypto in mind while doing so.

The app is easy to use and there are many other features like gift cards, sending cryptocurrency to anyone instantly and free, earn interest on staking, exchange cryptocurrencies, take a loan on your cryptocurrencies and more.

Get $50 reward by joining and staking MCO tokens.

Would you use for Mobile recharges? Let us know in the comments below.

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