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Event: Building Payment Systems on Different Blockchains || June 13, 4:00 PM

This Saturday on Blockchain eWeekend, a series of technology focused events by inblox Events – Building Payment Systems on Different Blockchains

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Blockchain as a technology is being touted as the holy-grail to cure all ailments plaguing the current Tech ecosystem. The most prominent use case for blockchain is still Payments, decentralized value transfer.

Payments are becoming easier everyday and with it, riskier. The robustness of a payment system needs to ensure that user can transfer value from one place to another in the least amount of time, and securely. But what does it take to achieve the same principles on a decentralized, distributed network, aka Blockchain?

Experts in the field will discuss building payment infrastructure on blockchain this Saturday at 4:00 PM at the Blockchain eWeekend event.

About the Event

In this online meetup, we are going to hear the industry leaders speak about building a payment system on Blockchain. The speakers invited in the session are

  • Sunny Jain, Product Head at Kyber Network.
  • Sami Start, Co-founder of Transak Finance.
  • Shane Hong, Marketing Manager at Kyber Network.

The discussion will revolve around some key topics like:

  1. Are we seeing interest from incumbents in Blockchain for Finance?
  2. Can blockchain help take over the existing giants in the cross border finance and technologies such as SWIFT?
  3. How do different Blockchains compare to build a payment system.
  4. Adoption and ease of use on Blockchain
  5. Current bottlenecks for Blockchain based Payment system and more.

The floor will also open to the audience from time to time so they can ask questions to the speakers.

About the Speakers

Here are the speakers of the event.

Sunny Jain, Product Head at Kyber Network.

Sunny Jain is the Head of Product at Kyber Network and an expert in product management and UI/UX. Armed with a wealth of experience developing and launching products for Lazada and Apple, Sunny leads the team building KyberSwap, Kyber Network’s cutting-edge, non-custodial token swap platform. 

Sami Start, Co-founder of Transak Finance

Sami is one of the co-founders of Transak. Before starting Transak, Sami worked in high-frequency trading and led a software team at online exchange Smarkets. Sami worked on companies in payments and consumer finance through Entrepreneur First (a leading technology accelerator) onboarding before converging this knowledge to work on fiat on-ramp.

Shane Hong, Marketing Manager at Kyber Network.

As Kyber Network’s Marketing Manager, Shane Hong leads the branding and communication efforts of the most popular protocol in decentralized finance (DeFi), and manages their community of over 190,000 users and developers. With extensive experience managing both B2C and B2B global marketing campaigns, Shane is helping to raise awareness and accelerate the adoption of Kyber Network.

Join the Event

The first Blockchain eWeekend series starts on June 13, 2020 at 4 PM IST. Register here:

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