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Koinfox Crypto Trading Platform Raises Seed Funding from Amesten Assets and CEO Sachin Jain

New funding from a Hedge fund and fund manager will help Koinfox build products in pipeline to serve Crypto Businesses.

Crypto trading platform Koinfox has announced a new injection of funding from Crypto hedge fund Amesten Asset and its co-founder and CEO Sachin Jain, aiming to provide a strategic growth in building new products and serving large Crypto Businesses.

Koinfox is the first investment by the hedge fund, Jain however has invested in two more, in Healthy Snacks and Hyper Casual Gaming platforms.

Speaking to Coin Crunch, Jain explains why he invested in Koinfox,

“Koinfox makes trading easy for people. As a user and now an investor, I have no doubt Koinfox will become the most important tool for the crypto trading in couple of years”,

Sachin Jain – Co-founder and CEO, Amesten Asset

Koinfox, founded in 2018 is not a crypto exchange itself but provides tools that allow users to trade on multiple exchanges from a single platform. Some of the trading tools offered by the platform are not available on the native exchanges giving that niche to Koinfox and making it more attractive for traders.

On the investment, the founder and CEO of Koinfox, Ankitt Gaur told Coin Crunch,

“Sachin is a full time trader with significant insights in both crypto and traditional markets globally and experience of working with early stage fintech startups like CoinDCX and Wealthtrust. Sachin is not just an investor in Koinfox, he will also be an active advisor thanks to this vast experience. We look forward to his and Amesten Asset’s contributions towards fulfilling our vision”

Ankitt Gaur – Founder and CEO, Koinfox

Explaining the vision of the company, Gaur adds they want to continue to serve the retail customers but also make it easy for entrepreneurs to start their own Crypto Businesses. Koinfox aims to provide the technology infrastructure and global reach to new business owners under their brand, allowing anyone to start their businesses in significantly less time.

Answering the question about when these products shall launch, Gaur says it will be revealed “gradually”.

Koinfox recently launched Trustscore, a scoring mechanism for fund managers, signal operators and borrowers, stored on blockchain, a move seemingly to align with the vision of the company for enabling crypto enterprenuers to build their businesses on Koinfox infrastructure.

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