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Event: Learn how to Plan your Crypto Portfolio || June 20 – 4:00 PM

The third eMeetup in the Blockchain eWeekend series by inblox event on June 20, will focus on how to build a successful crypto asset portfolio.

If you wish to skip the details, register for the event here:

Crypto Assets have been the most volatile and yes most rewarding investments in the last past decade. However, the same meets with regulatory pit stops, spams and scams, ponzi schemes and a lot of concerns around actual delivery of the supposed plan from the asset issuer.

Major banks, institutional investors are turning to explore cryptoassets as a bucket of investment while governments have begun contemplating central bank digital currencies, all thanks to the underlying technology known as Blockchain.

But the majority of investors are still novice early adopters, and technology enthusiasts. And those are also the ones struggling to make the right choice of investment in cryptoassets that can turn profit.

How to plan the Best Crypto Portfolio?

In this online meetup, we are going to hear from crypto fund managers and technology wizards about how to understand where to invest the money when it comes to cryptoassets.

The speakers at the event are:

  • Sachin Jain – Co-founder Amesten Asset
  • Mohak Agarwal, Founder-CEO Wolfedge Capital
  • Steven Enamakel, Founder-CEO Vezures & CryptoControl

The discussion will revolve around some key topics like:

  1. Why is a Crypto Portfolio Important and what is a good portfolio?
  2. Investing in Stock Markets Vs Crypto Markets?
  3. How does one differentiate between good tokens and bad tokens?
  4. Risk Management in Crypto investments

The floor will also open to the audience from time to time so they can ask questions to the speakers.

About the Speakers

Sachin Jain – Co-founder Amesten Asset, brings a breadth of experience across several fintech startup companies, including a well-known crypto exchange, and other managed fund services. Sachin has been a successful trader and investor for several years in equity markets globally and crypto markets. This has earned him a great reputation among many who have followed his progress. His experience with financial advisory start-ups has made him a master of fund management.

Mohak Agarwal, Founder-CEO Wolfedge Capital, a Hong Kong-domiciled digital asset investment fund that invests in early age blockchain startups and runs validator nodes on a variety of proof of stake networks. He has analyzed over 350 blockchain projects so far. Prior to entering the blockchain space, he was working in an educational technology startup, XSEED education, where he joined as the first member of the technology team. At XSEED, he was responsible for building prototypes to transform education in the form of games and conducting pilot programs all over the country.

Steven Enamakel, Founder-CEO Vezures & CryptoControl, world’s second-largest crypto news aggregator. A computer scientist, mathematician, dreamer – he is passionate about technology and building perfect products.

Join the Event

The third Blockchain eWeekend series starts on June 20, 2020 at 4 PM IST. Register here:

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