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Event: How to get from Idea Stage to Raising Funds in IEO

The Fifth eMeetup in the Blockchain eWeekend series by inblox event on Jul 04, with pioneers Ajeet Khurana and Sandeep Nailwal will focus on how to execute an Idea to get to the IEO stage.

If you wish to skip the details, register for the event here:

The cryptocurrency space is full of bright minds building things for the future. Blockchain’s next decade is poised to focus on Speed of transactions, minimizing trust and maximizing security. At the crux of it all, these three become a major requirement for any technology to be adopted widely.

The one differentiation for Crypto industry is the ability to crowd source the funds to build these products. The phenomenon known as token sales, allows projects to give Cryptoassets in return for investment from the users. Users can become early stage investors in projects and technologies of the future, which also may not work. Anyone is effectively an angel investor or a VC during a token sale.

In the past year, exchanges like Binance, Okex, kucoin launched several such projects under “Initial Exchange offering” services. Tokens of projects that these exchanges find worthy are sold for the first time to exchange users as a means to raise investment for the Blockchain project.

But only the best of the best make it here. So what does it take to convert an idea into an IEO? We ask experts this Saturday.

Idea to IEO – How to get there.

In this online meetup, we are going to hear from a co-founder of a popular and successful blockchain project and an angel investor who was once the CEO of India’s biggest Crypto exchange.

The speakers at the event are:

  • Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder and COO, Matic Network
  • Ajeet Khurana, Evangelist, Mentor, Former CEO of Zebpay

The discussion will revolve around some key topics like:

  1. Which ideas work and which may fail?
  2. Is it necessary to bring a project to IEO, and how does one form a business model for that?
  3. Life after a successful IEO?
  4. Legal, Regulatory issues.
  5. Where is the industry headed next?

The floor will also open to the audience from time to time so they can ask questions to the speakers.

About the Speakers

Ajeet Khurana, is the former CEO of IIT Bombay’s business incubator and has been rated as one of the top Angel Investors in India. A serial entrepreneur himself, he has also held operator roles in corporations, for instance, most recently he was the CEO of Zebpay.

Sandeep Nailwal, as the Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer of Matic Network Sandeep is responsible for the following: – Onboarding decentralised applications on matic network to achieve scalability and faster transactions – Fueling user adoption for Matic network and its based Dapps – Designing product/network strategy for long term network velocity – Design and Deployments of Dapps on Matic network

Join the Event

The fourth Blockchain eWeekend series starts on Jul 04, 2020 at 4 PM IST. Register here:

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