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AToken Crypto Wallet With Decentralised Staking, Lending Targets Indian Market

The use of private wallets for the crypto industry in India still seems minimal when compared to the use of wallets on crypto exchange. That is due to the lack of public awareness about the security of the wallet itself. Some also prefer the convenience of direct trading rather than storing their assets in other, safer wallets. There is nothing wrong but just differences in priorities in various categories of users of crypto assets in India. Then, what if there is a wallet that provides both features in one application? This is where the AToken wallet is starting to be needed by crypto user communities in India.

AToken wallet began to enter the Indian crypto market in the midst of a pandemic that was still trying to be handled by the government or precisely in June 2020. Even though the pandemic was seen as unfavorable, AToken still tried to spread awareness of the use of private wallet in the Indian crypto community. The strategy they used was through collaboration and campaigns with various Indian projects that were familiar to Indian crypto users.

AToken Wallet Features

1. Supports 19 public chains including BTC, ETH, EOS, Cosmos, Polkadot and IPFS.

2. Support BTC Lightning Network, allowing user to experience faster BTC payment with extremely low fee.

3. Abundant DeFi+DApp ecosystem makes a comprehensive Defi aggregator.

4. Preferential acceleration solution and 3 BTC transactions fee free per day.

AToken RoadMap

AToken Makes Way in Asia

The Development of AToken wallet and community across South East Asia.


The first collaboration was achieved with TOMO chain, which was marked by the entry of Vietnam market. AMAs were held at the AToken Vietnam Telegram Group with prize. Then the second collaboration successfully achieved by AToken is together with Kardia chain. Furthermore, The development of AToken in June 2020 is through collaboration with Kyber Network which is marked by KNC tokens available through AToken wallet. Now AToken is cooperating with Kyber of KyberDex and KyberDao native integration, soon you can attend more Kyber Defi campaign in AToken.


We cooperated with Tokenomy, which was marked by the entry of TEN on the AToken wallet storage. And then the second collaboration is together with Rupiah Tokens (IDRT). Besides, The development of AToken in June 2020 is through collaboration with PundiX Labs. Now AToken is cooperating with VEX to enter VEX ecosystem.

In India, AToken is collaborating with CoinCrunch and CryptoKnowmics Crypto media platforms and users will soon see the benefits via these channels.

In Thailand, AToken has collaborated with Bitcoin Addict, the nation’s top crypto media.

Future of AToken – Staking and Lending

AToken is one of a kind wallet that supports staking and lending module. Currently, it supports MakerDAO, Compound, COSMOS and Polkadot’s Staking. AToken’s fully decentralized staking allows users to gain profits while ensuring the safety of their assets.

AToken is always committed to being the gateway for the blockchain.

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