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Swaps, DeFi, DApps, Lightning and More on AToken Wallet

AToken Wallet offers a variety of custodial and non custodial solutions for crypto traders. Here’s a look at all.

Gone are the days when private wallets were simply non-custodian wallets to hold your cryptocurrencies. A new model of wallets is in the making as more and more applications open up the services to stake, lend, borrow, browse DApps, etc right from user’s mobile phone. A combination of custodian and non-custodian offerings within a single app is truly pushing the envelope for adoption of crypto.

Recently entering the Indian market, the three year old AToken Wallet is a decentralized online wallet offerings not just the ability to store assets but also to use the funds for various services. Atoken is built by a former development team of Huobi Exchange, and is invested by two large investment funds, Node Capital and Jinse.

Introduction to AToken

AToken Wallet, a short form for All Token is a light wallet supporting multiple crypto asset mainchains including BTC, ETH, EOS, ETC and more. The developers claim to have around 1.9 Million users and assets worth 11 Billion stored on the wallet.

One of the coolest thing about Atoken is its support for lightning network.

The Atoken wallet is available on both PlayStore and AppStore for free. Users can create a non-custodian wallet and back it up by storing the key phrases safely, and optionally also sign up and use the custodian services and enjoy the offers.

The latest integration with AAVE protocol and soon with 1inch allows trading on DEX in a single tap from the wallet itself. AToken is also slowly introducing yield farming, allowing users to earn higher interest on their capital by staking.

The wallet offers adequate educational articles to understand DeFi, DEX and other features available on AToken.

Key Features of AToken Wallet

Let us talk about some of the key features of AToken Wallet

Multi-Asset Wallet and Lightning Wallet

Users can create wallets and store several different mainchain assets – BTC, ETH, USDT Omni, EOS, Litecoin, DOGE, TOMO, TRX, ATOM, ONT, BCH and more.

In the future, AToken says it will support more cryptocurrencies to diversify choices for users.

Decentralized Finance and Staking

Users can start using DeFi products like staking, to earn interest directly from the DeFi Tab of the wallet. Users can can staking some cryptocurrencies right on the AToken wallet. Currently, AToken is supporting staking ATOM, EOS, TOMO as of now.

AToken also allows users to directly do yield farming from the app thereby saving gas fees and allowing users to start with small ETH amounts. Recently AToken launched Yield farming for Curve with support for USDT token. They will be launching more such offers soon.

As per the latest information shared with Coin Crunch, the first yield farming event has generated 50% profit.

Latest Promotion for Yield Farming with Curve

Access to DApp

DApps are always integrated on AToken wallets, suitable for those who want to play DApp games or other decentralized applications available here. Users can also learn more about MakerDAO and Compound and how to generate yield from these platforms.

The DApp browser allows user to even search for any Decentralized applications.

Not just ETH, DApps on EOS, TRX and ONT networks are also accessible.

Multi Asset Wallet, Lightning Wallet, DeFI and DApp browser on AToken


On the iOS app, users can exchange one asset to another, supported by AToken partners like Changelly. Swapping of tokens is also supported by the SWTF platform.

AToken also has DEX for token swaps, liquidity aggregating and instant trading.

Support multiple management of multiple wallet addresses

Each time you create a wallet account, you can create multiple addresses to manage different types of assets for different purposes. Not limited to a wallet address.

Multi Currency and Language Support

The new version of AToken wallet now supports multiple languages, however not Hindi or any other Indian languages. The app does support INR currency for calculations and display of prices.

AToken is primarily focused on Asian market and hence extensive support in both languages and local currencies helps the growth.

On Going Contests and Offers on AToken

AToken wallet is offering users multiple collect rewards, which means that users get rewarded for signing in everyday, referring more users to the platform, contributing to the ecosystem by creating tutorials and guides for the platform.

Users can win from a prize pool of 2000 USDT in the on-going promotion for creating such content.


AToken is a serious contender in terms of wallet services offered by a handful of companies. The interface is fairly smooth, the DApp browser is fast and features like importing wallets with private key work without any issues.

Switching the currency to INR works well in terms of pricing, the symbol of INR – ₹ will be updated soon as informed by AToken.

It appears AToken is still adding new features and hence, regularly updating the app allows users to take advantage of the latest features.

Being able to participate in DeFi Products like yield farming straight from your mobile phone is quite exciting, and worth a try.

You can find out more information and follow AToken through:

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