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Learn Making Decentralized Transactions on AToken Wallet with SUSHI token Swap

The tutorial published by AToken will focus on how to complete DeFi transactions like swaps on 1inch exchange using AToken.

Important notice: You can swap SUSHI through 1inch on AToken in advance!

It’s really a big fortune code!

Recently, there are many hot projects in Uniswap. In fact, 1inch aggregates multiple DEXs, so it supports more tokens than Uniswap. Furthermore, it has an optimal recommendation mechanism.

To allow more users get the fortune code in advance, AToken will especially launch an “Exchange” module.

This exchange is different from others because of its 4 unique advantages. Compared with traditional 1inch, AToken 1inch Pro has a simpler experience, smoother operation, and higher security.

Now let’s look at how to start decentralized transaction on AToken!

Step 1: Download the latest version of AToken wallet;

Scan the QR code below or download it from AToken official website (

Reminder: Be sure to back up AToken wallet mnemonic phrase before you upgrade, and then directly download the latest version from AToken official website.

Step 2: Click “Exchange”, click “Start exchange”, enter 1inch pro aggregate DEX;

Click the above beginner tutorial, learn decentralized transaction on AToken step by step.

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Step 3: Swap USDT into other tokens. Here we take the swap between “USDT” and “SUSHI” for example;

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a. Select available assets on your account — click and select “USDT”.

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b. Select the token you want to swap — click “ETH” area, enter and select “SUSHI” in the list.

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c. Go back to the swap page, enter swap amount. The swapped SUSHI amount will be calculated within 15 seconds (ex. If you want to swap 50 USDT into SUSHI, after entering 50, the system will select the best swap platform from 10 DEXs, and calculate the swapped SUSHI amount automatically).

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d. Click “swap” to authorize.

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Step 4: Enter “wallet password” to complete swap

The swap process is a decentralized transaction process, so ETH gas fee is required for swap. Please deposit corresponding gas fee to AToken wallet before swap.

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Kind Reminder: due to the current high gas fee in ERC20 token transfer, it is recommended to use “ETH” to swap “SUSHI”, which can save a lot of gas fee.

Step 5: Check transaction record

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Click “···” in the upper right corner to view your transaction record.

According to CoinGecko data, currently the transaction volume in 1inch has reached 30 million US dollars, ranking fifth.

The aggregate trading platform built by 1inch provides user with the optimal transaction path and simplifies smart contract operations.

1inch pro launched by AToken has optimized 1inch’s swap experience, allowing user to experience more cutting-edge, smoother, and safer swap.

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Disclaimer: This article is posted from a medium post of AToken. It is not edited by Coin Crunch. Coin Crunch India urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content of the article.

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