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Popular exchange, and the entity behind the hugely successful weekly Syndicate events, just announced the launch of Supercharger.

Supercharger is a one-click liquidity mining platform that seeks to offer simple and flexible services for the most popular DeFi projects. Users can deposit CRO tokens with a single click and then earn rewards for up to 30 days.

The first project to launch on Supercharger is Uniswap (UNI) with an allocation of $500,000 USD. Here’s all you need to know about this new announcement. Supercharger: How It Works | Features

  • It has a Charging Period for the first 30 days

Users can withdraw as well as deposit via the Supercharger pool at any time during the Charging Period, without any gas fee. All it will take is one click.

  • It’s Rewards Distribution Period is for the next 30 days

Users will receive their tokens as reward in due course of the distribution period on the basis of their share of the liquidity provided during the Charging Period. Their eligible reward tokens will be distributed equally each day during this period of 30 days. exchange users will receive UNI tokens in the form of rewards when depositing CRO tokens into the Supercharger pool.

User Eligibility:

  • Users who are registered with Exchange, must have a verification of a “Starter Level” or above. They also shouldn’t be a resident or citizen of the United States, Mainland China, or Hong Kong.
  • A deposit of at least 100 CRO into the Supercharger per deposit is required, into the liquidity pool from the Exchange spot trading account.

Additionally, also reserves the right to cancel the Supercharger campaign rules as and when deemed fit. Users can make multiple deposits and also have the freedom to withdraw their deposits from the pool at any point of time. The CRO that is deposited as liquid in the pool, doesn’t count as staking and the tokens that are deposited into Supercharger, may also be used in Defi protocols. 

New User?

All new users on receive 90 day fee free trading plus 2% Deposit bonus in CRO tokens. Use this link to create an account on app and receive $50 reward. Sign up on exchange using the app to benefit from both rewards.

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