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Event: Understanding the Derivatives Market || Oct 02 5:00 PM

Let’s talk about Derivatives

The exciting and fast-paced world of crypto is constantly innovating and evolving to be more relevant and convenient for its global community. Derivatives are the latest addition to the crypto world, and there are plenty of reasons why they will take the industry by storm.

Derivatives are financial contracts between two or more parties, which are based on an underlying asset. A derivatives contract involves two or more parties intending to either buy or sell an asset at a specific price in the future. Its value is derived from any change in value of its underlying asset.

They are an essential component of every evolved market, and are quickly becoming one of the major drivers of the crypto trading field.

Most crypto derivatives are offered against the most popular crypto asset – Bitcoin. Their varieties include futures, options, and swaps. The concept has found significant popularity in the crypto community, primarily because it represents an option to efficiently manage risks and effectively utilize leverage options, to maximize profits simultaneously.

It’s why we at Coin Crunch have an exciting e-session on the cards! The idea is to help the community understand the fundamentals crypto derivatives, and their increasing demand & popularity throughout the globe, with pioneers Ateeq Farooqui, David Ratiney, and Ramani ‘Ram’ Ramachandran!

Why Should You Attend?

In this online meetup, we’re going to hear from a critically acclaimed panel of experienced investors and co-founders with expertise in derivatives and their current significance.

The speakers at the event are:

  • Ateeq Farooqui, Co-founder, TradeDOG
  • Ramani ‘Ram’ Ramachandran, Partner at Qume
  • David Ratiney, BD and Operations at FTX

The discussion will revolve around some key topics, such as:

  1. Understanding crypto derivatives
  2. The importance of the derivatives market
  3. The increasing demand and popularity of crypto derivatives

The floor will also open to the audience at periodic intervals so they can ask questions to the speakers.

About the Speakers

Ateeq Farooqui is an experienced investor and consultant responsible for completing all facets related to investment, primarily focussed on supporting Investment Banks and Management Firms. He is the Co-Founder of TradeDOG, with a vision to guide retail investors in adopting crypto assets.

Ateeq holds experience in both traditional and alternative assets such as Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, Private Equity Funds, VC, and Cryptocurrency.

David Ratiney MPhil thesis on ‘Uncertainty in deep learning and its application to supply chain forecasting’ has been academically acclaimed by the University of Cambridge.

David completed his masters in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management from the same University of Cambridge, and has experience in working with giants such as Infosys.

Ramani ‘Ram’ Ramachandran is the Co-founder and CEO at, a holding company for 108token, Satoshi&Co, De/Centralize2018, Fordex, and 108 Holdings. He is also a partner at and is based in Singapore.

Ramani is an alumnus from MIT Sloan School of Management and has been endorsed on a plethora of skills – private equity, investment banking, financial modelling, and business strategy. 

Join this Derivatives Event!

The event is scheduled for October 2, 2020 and commences at 5 pm IST. Register for free here

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