Press "Enter" to skip to content announces exclusive EasyFi (EASY) listing has announced an exclusive primary listing of EasyFi (EASY) under the trading pair of EASY/USDT. 

EasyFi, which is a universal Layer 2 lending protocol, is built in the form of a blockchain agnostic money market protocol.  It begins with the MATIC network, which has helped in addressing the most pressing concerns with regard to the skyrocketing gas fees and completion time of transactions. It has a total supply of 10,000,000 EASY, and an issuance price of 0.3 USDT respectively.  

Initial Circulating Supply

The initial circulating supply at marked at 694,045 tokens, which is 6.94% of the total supply. This includes 141,245 EASY from a liquidity provision fund, 200,000 from early backers, strategic investors unlock, 270,000 from its ecosystem fund that includes community distribution and various incentive programs alike, and 82,800 from yield farming distribution. More on this, below.

EASY Community Distribution and Incentive Programs

EASY tokens will be shared via community distribution and incentive programs, culminating in a total of 3,950,000 EASY tokens distributed. These are reserved for over a period of 20 months, where, for the first few months, once the protocol has been launched, a total of 1,250,000 EASY will be allocated for distribution in a linear fashion as part of the yield farming.

The remaining 2,700,000 tokens are being stored separately in an ecosystem fund meant to be utilized for future incentivization programs. 

EasyFi Founders and Teams

  • EasyFi’s founders and team are subject to a 18 months vesting period. The total allocation is 2,000,000 EASY, including an allocation for future team members too. 10% of the allocated tokens will be unlocked on the 6th month and distributed on a daily basis, for the vesting period.
  • The EasyFi Foundation receives the same amount of allocation, subjected to 21 months vesting. 10% will be unlocked on month 9 and distributed daily for the vested period. 
  • There’s also a liquidity provision fund of 265,000 EASY.
  • The early backers, strategic investors and advisors receive an allocation of 1,785,000 EASY. 

EASY Deposit, withdrawal and rewards: What You Should Know

Deposit and withdrawals are live now while the trading shall go live on Oct 8, 7:30 PM. To celebrate the listing, and the EasyFi project will jointly offer exclusive rewards to Airdrop Multiple Card holders. Those who submit the activity form which will be available as soon as the event starts, will each be eligible for 30 USDT worth of token rewards on a first-come first-serve basis. 

After reward distribution, when users make a total purchase of EASY from the market that is more than twice the airdrop within three days, the airdrop tokens will be released within an hour.

If a user’s total purchase of EASY is less than twice the airdrop within three days, the user will be deemed to voluntarily forfeit the airdrop. The rewards will be distributed to a user’s account within 3 business days after the event.

Aside from this, each user account is eligible for an airdrop once. If a user receives an airdrop but fails to meet the unlocking requirements, the card will still be considered being used. EASY price will be calculated per its average market price during the event.

The total airdrop reward is capped at 40,000 tokens, and timed for between Oct 8, 7:30 PM IST – Oct 15, 10:00 PM IST. 

Of course, reserves the final right to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions. Nevertheless, happy trading!

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