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Event: Getting Into Crypto Derivatives Trading || Oct 09 5:00 PM

Crypto Derivatives Trading: The Current Scenario

Cryptocurrency derivatives have gained considerable popularity of late. For the uninitiated – a derivative is a security which obtains its value from other assets (cryptocurrencies). With regard to the cryptocurrency market, derivatives are contracts signed by two or more parties to buy or sell a certain cryptocurrency asset for a set price in the future. Any changes in the cost of the asset have a direct influence over the value of the contract.

Today, most crypto derivatives are offered against the most popular crypto asset – Bitcoin. Their varieties include futures, options, and swaps. These instruments are already traded in high volumes on exchanges like Delta Exchange, BuyUcoin and more. Clearly, the concept is seeing encouraging adoption in the crypto community, largely since it represents an option to efficiently manage risks and use leverage to our advantage.

The results? Maximized profits.

Join Us at our e-meetup!

This is precisely why we at Coin Crunch have an exciting e-session on the cards! As with our previous events, the idea is to help the community understand the fundamentals crypto derivatives, and their increasing demand & popularity throughout the globe, with pioneers Pankaj Balani, Shivam Thakral, and Mohak Agarwal.

The meetup is virtual, and titled “Getting into Crypto Derivatives trading”, under FTX’s #CryptoWeekend campaign. Media partners include your very own Coin Crunch, Blockmanity and Koinpost.


1. Pankaj Balani

Pankaj is the CEO & Co-founder of Delta, a leading crypto exchange. He is also the co-founder of ZippyBots, an IT Services brand and a fairly active participant in the crypto world and its conversations. Pankaj is known to take a keen interest in innovations across the industry.

2. Shivam Thakral

Shivam is the CEO & Co-founder of BuyUcoin, a global cryptocurrency exchange and wallet founded in 2016. Shivam is also an advisor at Beyond Block Labs. He’s been active in the industry for 5 years, passionately involved in building products that help grow the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

3. Mohak Agarwal 

Mohak is the CEO & Founder, of WolfEdge Capital, a fund exclusively focused on the most ambitious early age blockchain startups and emerging crypto assets. Mohak is also an investor with a knack for investing in early stage blockchain brands. An experienced technologist, he has been actively involved in efforts to advance the crypto sector.

Register Now for An Crypto Derivatives Session

The meetup shall be held on Friday, October 09, at 5 pm. You can register for the event here.

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