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BChain Dynamics Introduces Free Blockchain Programme: विVIDH

Blockchain developer Nishant Sharma founded BChain Dynamics back in October 2019 with the objective to develop and sustain the best and the most active Blockchain community on a global scale. A year later, BChain Dynamics has reason to be proud of its capability to offer support to a wide range of community members – from beginners to professionals. 

They have recently undertaken the “विVIDH” initiative: a Blockchain course that imparts all the hows and whys and whats of Blockchain in detail. विVIDH aims to prepare all participants for active contribution in the Blockchain ecosystem.  

Learning resources and hands-on experiences

The course curriculum of विVIDH is a combination of a varied assortment of learning resources and hands-on experiences. BChain Dynamics has also partnered up with industry professionals to provide the विVIDH members with the opportunity to learn from the very best.

Four Blockchain experts would act as mentors throughout the duration of the course: Jignesh Vasoya, Tech Lead at Tezos India Foundation, Koshik Raj, Blockchain Advisor at UNITESERVE and Co-Founder at Consenso Lab, Pawan Dhananjay, Software Developer at Sigma Prime and Blockchain Research Developer at Dunya Labs, and Gokul Alex, Co-founder of EPIC Knowledge Society and Ambassador at Algorand. Additionally, there will be professionals to act as guides when it comes to building hands on projects.  

Along with providing the right Blockchain education, the goal of विVIDH is to encourage all participants into forming and sharing innovative ideas for the Blockchain industry, help them grow within the community and form connections, and provide them with the best available internship opportunities post the completion of the course.

Members will receive a certificate after they finish the course successfully, and quite a few of BChain Dynamics’s partner firms have even offered up the opportunity for members to get a chance to be interviewed by them after the course.

BChain Dynamics विVIDH: Qualifications and Eligibility

You don’t need a specific set of qualifications to join विVIDH, all you require is some basic knowledge of Blockchain, and some experience in project development. However, विVIDH does have only a limited number of seats, and therefore, members will be chosen based on their applications and an interview. 

Fee? विVIDH is Effectively Free

If you need more reasons to register for विVIDH, you’d want to know that the course is technically free of cost. You won’t be required to pay any amount during the registration process, and while initially विVIDH will charge you a deposit of INR 2000, upon the successful completion of the course within the prerequisite deadline, the amount will be refunded to your account in 5 days. 

The registrations for विVIDH will continue until 20th October, 2020, IST 11:59:59 PM. You can sign up here.

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