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Delta Exchange launches ‘Master of Options’ Campaign, Traders Get $1000 to Trade Options

Delta Exchange, which recently announced the first crypto options settled in Tether (USDT), has launched a campaign titled Master of Options, where traders will be credited with $1000 as trading credits to trade in options. Only 5 traders will be selected on the terms & conditions mentioned below. 

The Ask

Participants need to trade in any of the available underlying assets in the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Options variant. Further, they need to be posting a minimum of three tweets every week that covers charts, PNL cards, their trades, and trading techniques. Additionally, posting they need to post tweets/trades in Delta’s Telegram group and also in other Discord/Telegrams groups (if any). 

There will be three available options for contracts to trade:
(1) MOVE Options, (2) Call and Put Options, (3) Turbo Options.

Benefits / compensation:

Every trader will be given $1000 as trading credits to trade Options. All the profits that will be made can be drawn out at the end of every month. Every account will be supervised and if the trader incurs any losses, the account will be seized and any positions could be terminated. Further, if any of the traders are doing well, they will have a chance to gain higher trading credit. 

Worth noting that only 5 options traders will be chosen for the campaign. If you desire to participate, register through this form.

Conditions & Eligibility Criteria:

  • The trader should be experienced in trading options (best if some of the trades can be proved). 
  • Further, the trader should at least have 2000 Twitter followers.
  • Since this isn’t a contest to come first in, instead, it’s more of a journaling task, it is expected that traders undertake learned trades demonstrate their trading technique in tweet threads, including proper analysis, charting, and PNL cards. If they trade irresponsibly, the amount credited to them will be taken back and the engagement will be invalidated straight away.
  • Traders are only authorized to trade options contracts. Trading other than options contracts will directly cause the cancellation of the engagement. 
  • Due to the threat of fraud or any other reason deemed appropriate by the Delta Exchange, it, therefore, reserves the authority to alter the terms & conditions of the campaign or at any time terminate the campaign for any or all the users. In the event of any conflict, Delta Exchange’s decision will be concluding and binding. 

Delta Exchange Rewards for Referrals

If any person mentions Delta Exchange to an Options Trader who would ultimately get selected for this campaign, they will receive a $100 reward. Merely proposing names wouldn’t work, the person will need to introduce the trader to Delta Exchange. 

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