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Binance Announces #DiwaliWithBinance – With 30% discounts in Flash Sales

Binance is giving up to 30% off on Bitcoins (BTC), Binance USD (BUSD), and Binance Coins (BNB) this festive season. In an absolutely fresh sales promotion exclusively for the Indian trading market, starting from November 11 till November 13, Binance will be working with three local Peer to peer (P2P) merchants to organize a daily flash sale. In Binance’s own words, or marketing tagline, or whatever you’d like to call it – Yeh Diwali, manao Binance P2P ke sath! 

In April 2020, Binance included Indian Rupees (INR) for P2P trading, and passed an overall trading volume of $20 million. We even recently shared a comprehensive guide to buying and selling crypto using INR on the Binance mobile app. Seeing the great response to its Indian presence, Binance seems to have decided to reciprocate the appreciation from its users via these Diwali wishes.

Promotion A: 30% off on BUSD for first-time Indian P2P traders

On  November 11, traders who are trading for the first time on Binance P2P can participate in the 30% off BUSD – INR. Every consumer can purchase Rs. 4,000 value of BUSD. 

Binance’s P2P merchant – Sultan – will, on a first come first serve basis, give out 5,000 BUSD on a discounted rate.

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 11 at 3 pm IST

Promotion B: 20% off on BNB

On November 12, traders who have racked up an aggregate of Rs.40,000 or more in P2P trades in the past 30 days will be allowed to take part in the 20% off BNB – INR on Binance P2P. Every trader can purchase up to Rs. 5000 value of BNB

Binance’s listed merchant – xbodxmaniac – will, on a first come first serve basis, offer 200 BNB for promotion.

Date & Time: Thursday, November 12 at 3 pm IST

Promotion C: 10% off on BTC

On November 13, traders who have traded an aggregate of Rs.80,000 or more in P2P trades in the past 30 days will be allowed to take part in the 10% off BTC – INR on Binance P2P. 

Binance’s listed merchant – xbodxmaniac – on a first come first serve basis, will give 2 BTC for this discount sale. 

Date & Time: Friday, November 13 at 3 pm IST

How can you participate in this Binance Sale?

All traders who satisfy the criteria mentioned above can take part in the sale. Every day, once the promotion starts, on the Binance P2P site, users will be able to locate the ad displayed by the merchant since the price will be considerably lesser than usual. 

As the ad goes live, a user can get his cryptos from the merchant after the order is placed and payment is completed. 

Every trader can only place one order at the time of the promotion and only buy a restricted number of cryptos on each order. For the advantage of the maximum number of consumers, each participant can only take part in any one sales promotion.

For example, on Day 1, if the user buys BUSD at a 30% discount, they will not be allowed to participate in the promotions for the next two days. 

Binance Terms and conditions

  1. The prices after the discount will be established on the basis of live crypto prices on the spot market.  
  2. Promotion A is only allowed for new traders on Binance P2P. Only participants who have never traded on Binance P2P will be considered as new. 
  3. Every participant is only allowed to take part in one promotion. If a participant has participated in Promotion B, he/she is not permitted to participate in Promotion A or Promotion C
  4. Binance reserves the right to ban trades that are considered to be wash trades or unlawfully mass registered accounts, along with trades that exhibit characteristics of individual dealing or influencing the market in an unscrupulous manner. 
  5. Additionally, Binance holds the right to invalidate or alter any activity or its rules at its own judgment.

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