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OroPocket Couldn’t Launch Today Due to a Minor Ethereum Chainsplit. Here’s How

India-based OroPocket was unable to succeed in its token launch on Uniswap today due to a possible chain split on the Ethereum network. OroPocket, the brand behind the launch of India’s first gold-backed token, announced the issue in a series of updates via its Twitter account. 

Infura, which is a hosting service used by some exchanges and service providers to interact with the Ethereum network, faced an outage along with Blockchair, which is another infrastructure provider. According to an update by OroPocket, there was a major outage faced by the network and Uniswap, Metamask and Infura were all down at the time.

Binance CEO, Chanpheng Zhao mentioned that it was a possible ETH chain split at block 11234873 and after this block, Etherscan and Blockchair were showing two different chains and data. The same is also being referred to as a ‘minor hard-fork’. As a result, Binance closed Ethereum withdrawals for a brief time. The irregularity was observed at 7:08 am UTC. 

Therefore, it was not just an internal issue with Infura as believed earlier but an issue reported by other operators as well. 

Based on an image published by the team, it can be seen that at least 14 blocks were mined on a minority chain. Many developers also attempted to offer solutions. Peter Szilagyi, lead for Geth, a major Ethereum node software, suggested that running the latest release of Geth could possibly be the first step. Soon after, Blockchair tweeted that the issue was fixed by upgrading Geth to its latest release.

Therefore, it appears that there was an incompatibility in one of the previous Geth updates. According to Szilagyi, a consensus issue was caused because developers ‘broke something in the latest releases’ and anyone who had not upgraded to the latest release had been thrown off the network. 

Ultimately, the ‘chain split’ resulted in two parts of the network that were unable to communicate with each other.

OroPocket is Monitoring The Situation

OroPocket has been monitoring the situation and reassuring their customers. As of right now, OroPocket’s Uniswap launch has been postponed, with the brand waiting for the situation to normalize before any further moves.

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