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Chatex: An Innovative Way to Invest in Bitcoin in Your Messenger

Imagine you could use Telegram and send a few messages to a platform to instantly buy or sell Bitcoin or other favorite cryptocurrencies. Trading cryptocurrencies has never been this easy. Yes, you have read it right. With Chatex, all you need to do is send a couple of messages to the chatbot, and voila, your required trades are executed. 

The platform has tools on offer for every single investor, from novices to cryptocurrency veterans. Chatex becomes an ideal option for both novices, who have never used cryptocurrency, and professional traders, who are searching for a simple, fair and transparent ecosystem.

The services offered by the platform can be broadly divided into three categories:

  1. For Individual Investors
  2. For Traders 
  3. For Businesses

For Users

As mentioned earlier, Chatex offers different solutions according to your needs. For instance, as an individual investor, the platform acts as a cryptocurrency wallet, which allows you to securely store cryptocurrencies, enabling you to transfer money globally. It also offers the functionality to send cryptocurrencies through their phone numbers, regardless of whether or not they currently have their number registered in the platform. 

The payment, as with most of the cryptocurrencies, happens peer to peer, eliminating the need for middlemen, and by extension saving you money. Verification is needed only when you exceed your limits, and your security is never compromised. Add that to a 24/7 support team that solves issues in an individual manner. 

For Traders

For traders, the platform acts as an easy-to-use peer to peer exchange. You can buy or sell 10 major cryptocurrencies through this platform at very competitive rates. 

Since this is a peer to peer platform, users have complete control over the terms and conditions of every trade. All you have to do to effect a trade (buy or sell) is to browse through the marketplace, to find the trade that suits your requirements the best. If you do not find any ads in the marketplace that suits your specific needs, you can create an ad and post them on the marketplace with the required details. 

Once you find the appropriate ad (or someone finds you through your ad), the bot contacts the seller with a notification requesting approval of trade. After the seller approves, the platform acts as the custodian during the course of the transaction, awaiting payment verification. Once the payment is verified, the crypto asset is transferred to your wallet. In case of any disputes, you can directly contact the other party, or contact an arbitrator who will solve the problem within 15 minutes.

The platform offers a loyalty program, with fees getting as low as 0.35% at the highest level. Transactions made with USDT have a 0% fee making it the more attractive option. 

For Businesses

Chatex Pay, the platform payment gateway, allows businesses to accept payments through cryptocurrencies. The money is transferred to what is termed as a cashless current account and can be managed through the bot. Take a look at the visualization to have a full idea of how the platform works.

With a simple process, your customers will be having an easy time transferring cryptocurrencies to your wallet. They do not need to pay any fees to send payment to your account, making this an alluring payment gateway.

Chatex Usage

Once again, the platform is simple and easy to use. Searching for @chatex_bot on Telegram will lead you directly to the chatbot, where you will begin a simple registration process. The bot will verify your phone number and ask you to set a nickname, and that is it. Your wallet is created. You may choose to get yourself verified to bypass the 999 EUR maximum limit by providing proofs of identity and residence. Once registered, you will see 4 options: 

  1. Wallet, 
  2. Exchange 
  3. Information
  4. Profile. 

You do not have to just take our word for it. We tried it for you, and here are some Chatex screenshots.

The first screenshot shows you what you will be first seeing when texting the bot for the first time. You will be asked to select a language and a country of residence. The second screenshot is the prompt requiring you to provide ID verification. This process is optional unless your trading limits are exceeded. Otherwise, the user should verify his/her identity.

Currently, the wallet supports the 10 mentioned cryptocurrencies and more than 140 fiat currencies. 

The next screenshot shows you the exchange functionality, where you can see the ad for buying BTC for INR. Upon choosing the wallet menu, you will see options to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies. After choosing the appropriate cryptocurrency, you will be given a QR code and the wallet ID to direct your deposit to, as shown in screenshot 6.

Chatex: Our Thoughts

Frankly, the concept takes cryptocurrencies to a whole new level and puts them on the radar as one of the most easy-to-use and intuitive platforms to have ever existed. Because the entire platform seems to be focused surrounding ease of use, simplicity, speed, and user support, making this an amazing platform to use. It has only just started, and is certainly an exciting prospect to look out for. 

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