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EasyFi Listing on WazirX + Grand EASY Giveaway

This Wednesday, January 27, EasyFi (EASY) will go live with its listing on WazirX. In other words, we’ll all be able to purchase, sell, and trade EASY in WazirX’s INR market. To make things sweeter, a giveaway is also in the works.

EASY Basics

A global layer 2 lending protocol created for DeFi with its focus on adoption, scalability, and composability. EasyFi is built as an open network infrastructure. Its designed to function on public networks to assist end to end lending & borrowing of digital assets and other related financial products. The EasyFi network permits cross-chain asset transactions. EasyFi is blockchain agnostic and Ethereum compatible, assisting with the speedy settlement of assets across different blockchain networks while also holding on to the custody of the asset owner’s network. Here are some EASY stats (as of January 25, 2020):

  • Trading Price (past 24 hr): $3.93 USD
  • Global Market Cap (past 24 hr): $2,112,363 USD
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap (past 24 hr): $39,734,081 USD
  • Global Trading Volume (past 24 hr): $4,018,787 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 531,625 EASY
  • Max Supply: 10,000,000 EASY

What does the EASY Listing on WazirX Enable?

  • Deposits – Participants can deposit EASY from another wallet to WazirX
  • Withdrawals – Participants can withdraw EASY from their WazirX wallet
  • Trading – Participants can purchase, sell and trade EASY in their INR market

Giveaway Schedule

  • Wednesday, 27th January: AMA with Ankitt Gaur, CEO of EasyFi. Participants will learn everything about EASY & can get total rewards of $150
  • Thursday, 28th January — Saturday, 30th January: 48-hour long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes of ₹12,04,000 ($15,000) worth EASY up for grabs
  • Monday, 1st February: EASY trivia contest on WazirX Instagram page with the reward of $30. Participants can learn interesting trivia about EASY & win prizes 
  • Monday, 1st February: EasyFi Quiz in WazirX’s Telegram group with rewards of $500. Participants can show off their EASY knowledge in an interesting quiz & win prizes 
  • Participants can stake & earn EASY on the EasyFi staking module. A prize pool of 100 EASY every day will be given for 30 days.

AMA with Ankitt Gaur

Traders can learn everything about EASY in a live AMA with Ankitt Gaur, Founder & CEO of EasiFi Network.

When: Wednesday, January 27, 5:30 PM IST


About Ankitt

Ankitt is an author, serial tech entrepreneur, and blockchain technology expert who has founded and co-founded ( & KoinFox), and also consulted global companies across 30 nations in the enterprise applications space for the last 17 years.

How to participate:

Part 1: WazirX team will ask Ankitt 10 questions (taken from WazirX’s Twitter followers) about EASY

Part 2: At the end, the WazirX team will unmute the group for 10 minutes where traders/ participants can ask their questions live to Ankitt. He’ll answer as many as possible.


$100 worth EASY for the top 10 questions picked from Twitter

$50 worth EASY for the top 5 live questions from the Telegram group

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon: EASY/INR

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon welcomes participants with prizes for the top 200 traders and with more opportunities to win. 

What’s the latest in the contest?

  • The trading contest will begin on Thursday, 28th January at 9 AM IST and will go on non-stop till Saturday, January 30, at 9 AM IST!
  • Participants can engage in the contest any time between Thursday and Saturday. 
  • Total prize of ₹12,04,000 (~ $15,000 USD) worth EASY. Participants can win rewards based on their trading performance for the entire 48-hour long trading contest marathon!

Contest timing: Thursday, January 28, 9 AM — Saturday, January 30, 9 AM IST (non-stop)

How can participants take part in the contest and win?

Winners will be determined on the basis of the volume of EASY traded in the WazirX’s INR market.

How to qualify: Participants at least need a minimum volume of 15.85 EASY (worth ~₹5,000 INR)

What are the prizes?

Trader RankPrizes/person (EASY)INR worth
11 – 1583.9626,488
15 – 2045.7914,448
21 – 2522.97,224
26 – 3012.213,853
31 – 357.632,408
36 – 403.821,204
41 – 2002.36745

Instagram Trivia Contest

Participants can find how much they know about EasyFi, through the EASY trivia contest.

When: Monday, February 1, 12 PM IST


How to participate:

  • Follow WazirX on Instagram:
  • WazirX will share 3 questions on their Instagram Story, each at an interval of 3 mins
  • Participants have to choose the right answer


One winner will be chosen from every question from all the correct answers and will win 2.54 EASY.

EasyFi Quiz

WazirX is arranging an exciting quiz about EASY. Participants can show off their EASY knowledge and win prizes.

When: Monday, February 1, 6 PM IST


Reading resources:

How to participate:

  • Join the WazirX Discuss group on Telegram:
  • Participants will be given a total of 10 questions.
  • Participants need to choose the correct answer as quickly as they can


1st place: $100

2nd – 5th place: $50 each

6th – 10th place: $20 each

11th – 20th place: $10 each

Note: For the whole giveaway, EASY price will be kept at $3.93, i.e., ₹315.5 and all rewards will be given by 10th February 2021.

Happy Trading!

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