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EasyFi Network Sponsoring Binance Blockchain and Giving Away Special Rewards!

EasyFi Network is, of course, the global layer 2 DeFi lending protocol for virtual assets powered by the Matic Network. Founded by Ankitt Gaur, it aims to take a strong community-aligned governance approach with $EASY and focus on composability, adoption, and scalability. EasyFi is Ethereum compatible and blockchain agnostic, enabling the faster settlement of assets across different blockchain networks. It also enables cross-chain asset transactions. 

Now, the brand is all set and ready to be the Gold Sponsor for a week to the Binance Blockchain Week starting from February 1!

To mark the Bnance Blockchain week, with EasyFi being the gold sponsor, EasyFi plans to give away special prizes for $EASY stakers! Here’s what’s in store:

Participants need to:

  • Join the official Telegram channel:
  • Subscribe to the EasyFi Announcement Channel:
  • Then go to the $BOR DF Program on #EasyFi App
  • Stake at least $1000 worth of $EASY on it
  • Make sure they’re participating between February 1 to February 5

A prize pool of $3500 in $EASY will be shared amongst the top 10 contributors. That’s quite a lot to grab!

The EasyFi Dual Farming Program

EasyFi is also the team behind a fresh kind of liquidity mining, which it has dubbed the Dual Farming Program. Here, the EasyFi Network partners with several projects by allocating a portion of their native token towards incentivizing yield farmers. In other words, it’s a way of staking method that enables users to earn a partner token by staking $EASY tokens.

EasyFi’s partnership with MATIC – the DF2 program, went live in November 2020 with 5 million $MATIC tokens available for distribution to stakers. Participation has been fairly simple, involving:

  • Connecting to the Ethereum network on the MetaMask wallet.
  • Heading to the Dual Farming tab on the EasyFi Network dashboard.
  • Depositing EASY tokens for staking using the on-screen options
  • And, confirming connection with your MetaMask wallet.

And that’s it! Whether you’re staking on EASY’s DF2 or the Binance Blockchain Week, happy staking!

Disclaimer: Coin Crunch partners with multiple projects for consulting and marketing initiatives. Our editorial however remains uninfluenced by our partners unless specifically mentioned. For more details about our policies, please check out this disclaimer.

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