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Yield App Brings Traditional Finance and DeFi together

Most cryptocurrency platforms only let you trade. Would you be surprised to know that there are exchanges that behave just like traditional banks? Yield has beautifully brought traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi) together to give its customers an amazing digital banking experience. 

What is Yield?

Yield Defi is a contemporary, secure, and licensed platform bridging traditional and decentralized finances that offers high-return investment funds on cryptocurrencies. Yield launched its own token YLD (find whitepaper here) on December 14, 2020, which mainly began trading on two exchanges: Uniswap and BitMax. 

The token has a maximum supply of 300 million and an initial circulating supply of approximately 33.3 million out of which 26 million tokens were distributed to investors, 4 million went to liquidity and marketing, 2 million went to company reserves and BitMax, and 1 million has been stored for staking rewards. 

Since Yield is fairly new, the online platform is only underway and hasn’t been launched yet. They’ve announced to gradually release the platform to 50 randomly selected users once every 24 hours, by email, who will use the very first version of the Yield web app and suggest ways to improve it before its full release.

2021 is going to be an enormous year for Yield with the launching of the mobile app and partner-ups with exchanges for fiat integration. Yield is going to be a fully functioning platform with multiple investment funds, crypto wallets, fiat ramps, a bank card program, and interest-bearing savings accounts by the end of the year.

Key Propositions

  • Hold your YLD tokens to gain an interest rate that ranges between 12 and 20%. Fund your account with USDT or USDC, and invest part or all of your funds into one of YIELD’s managed portfolios. This earns you daily income at a minimum rate of 12% APY. To ensure the continuous supply of YLD tokens, they’re distributed as rewards to users through the YIELD Loyalty & Rewards program. YIELD will also periodically purchase YLD tokens on the open market for treasury re-balancing and the details will be displayed on their website to ensure transparency.
  • Yield has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Take advantage of the best of Defi by pooling assets that offer high returns with Yield’s innovative investment fund options. Staying out of complex and risky ways of exchanging and trading and depositing traditional currencies to maximize returns has never been easier. 
  • No Lock-in. Yield users can choose to exit their positions at any time.
  • A powerful mobile-app: Yield claims its mobile app can serve all user functions and enable a truly mobile experience, with no corners cut or no features lacking vis-a-vis its web interface.
  • No deposit fees. Don’t expect to lose any of your holdings by simply moving it to the account. There are no deposit charges, available 24×7.
  • Licensed & Secure. YIELD operates with a banking, securities and asset management license. Its team of experienced capital markets, fintech, cybersecurity and crypto professionals do add credibility to what is already a great first impression.

Sign up early and win the chance to contribute to the development of what could be the next big revolutionary platform!

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