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QuillAudits is Hosting Unchained: A Blockchain Security Conference

Blockchain and crypto have been carving their niche in the Indian market, and as mainstream participation grows, it is imperative for new as well as experienced investors and enthusiasts to know how the best case practices when it comes to operating safely and securely on the plethora of platforms available for Indian users. The blockchain has emerged as a means to store data efficiently, carry out transactions seamlessly, and establish necessary trust in an open distributed environment, and yet, anyone on the platform is vulnerable to unprecedented attacks and hacks.

Security, when it comes to blockchain, is crucial. That is why QuillAudits is bringing us this interactive and informative conference- Unchained- which has been designed to help Indian crypto investors the importance of security and create better awareness about the nature of attacks and breaches prevalent in the market. Moreover, this QuillAudits blockchain security conference will also promote research, development, and knowledge sharing around the crucial security aspects of blockchain technology. 

QuillAudits, as one of the leading smart contracts auditing and cybersecurity providers and enablers in India, brings you this interactive, informative, and important conference that has a panel of excellent and experienced speakers and experts when it comes to blockchain security. Unchained has been designed and curated to impart necessary knowledge and key insights to passionate blockchain enthusiasts, such as students, researchers, professionals, and anyone in the security field who wants an in-depth understanding of security when it comes to blockchain. 

Unchained has been designed and planned in a way to address the concerns of the blockchain community in India and with the growing cases of cybersecurity breaches and attacks in the community, it is relevant and important especially for people who are actively participating and engaging in this field. 

QuillAudits Unchained: The When & The Why

The event will be held over two days – February 26 and 27, 2021- to adequately cover important topics such as setting up and securing a blockchain, understanding the basics of wallets and wallet security, and DeFi security. You can read more about this QuillAudits event here.

There’s certainly a growing need for conferences such as Unchained, largely due to the alarming statistics and events that have occurred in recent times – which include $11 million stolen from investors by a compounder finance DeFi project, for which an investor is even offering $100,000 bounty to anyone who unmasks the involved thieves and hackers. Such examples demonstrate the growing need and significance of blockchain security conferences such as Unchained and highlight the importance of caution and security measures for anyone participating and investing in the network. 

QuillAudits Unchained brings you an exciting and impressive panel of 11 speakers which include innovative individuals and key industry leaders through a comprehensive schedule to help understand everything there is to know about security when it comes to blockchain. 

  • Sandeep Shukla

Sandeep Shukla is the Joint Coordinator for the National Blockchain Project and a Computer Science professor at the prestigious educational institution of IIT Kanpur. He has over 6 awards and accolades for this field and will lead the talk on malicious behavior in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and their detection at the conference. 

  • Gokul Alex

Gokul Alex is the founder of Gigamesh Garage Ventures, which is an Award Winning Aggregator and Accelerator of Distributed Ledger and Decentralized Finance Protocols and Platforms. With over 20 years of experience designing world-class enterprise architectures for various sectors, he will lead the talk on the security and scalability of the Ethereum ecosystem. 

  • Rohas Nagpal

Rohas Nagpal is a renowned blockchain architect and crypto evangelist and has authored ‘Future Money Playbook’ which gives crypto novices interesting insights and a deep understanding of the industry. He will be leading an interactive workshop on setting up and securing a blockchain during the conference.

  • Dimitar Bounov

Dimitar Bounov is a security research engineer at Mythx, and has worked on hardening web-browsers, and leveraging crowdsourcing and gamification to scale software verification. He will be conducting an insightful workshop on writing smart contract properties with Scribble along with Joran Honig. 

  • Josh McIntyre

Josh McIntyre is a software engineer at Microsoft and a tech educator at Chaintuts and will be leading the talk that will focus on understanding the basics of wallets and wallet security at Unchained. 

  • Nicholas Ward

A security engineer with Consensys, Nicholas Ward will help participants understand everything there is to know about shrinking and securing smart contracts through an informative session at Unchained. 

  • Peter Kacherginsky 

Peter Kacherginsky is a principal blockchain security engineer with Coinbase, one of the most popular crypto trading platforms in the industry, and will lead the talk on the state of blockchain security in 2021.

  • Joran Honig

Joran Honig is a security researcher and engineer with ConsenSys Diligence and a project lead at Mythx and will co-host the workshop on writing smart contract properties with Scribble with Dimitar Bounov. 

  • Deepak Nuli 

Deepak Nuli is the founder of MultiSig and heads the security for cLabs, and has extensive experience when it comes to security program development, security operations, and cloud security. He will be leading the talk on security considerations in a Web3 World at Unchained. 

  • Vaibhav Saini ‘Vasa’

An experienced DeFi researcher and builder, Vaibhav Saini is also an author with Springer Nature and will be a part of the expert panel for the discussion on DeFi security at this blockchain security conference.

  • Mitchell Amador 

Mitchell Amador is the CEO of Immunefi. He is best known for making Sophia the Robot a worldwide sensation as the CMO of SingularityNET.  Mitchell was also the VP of Marketing at Steemit, where he drove its adoption and growth, resulting in a $2 billion evaluation. At Unchained, he will be leading the talk on how and why DeFi is going to make bug bounties explode in size. 

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