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Coin Crunch will Launch India’s Best NFT marketplace

The new financial year starts today and what better news than to tell you that we will be launching our own NFT Marketplace.

Over more than two years we have witnessed the rise and fall of several exchanges, DeFi Platforms, NFT and we have dealt with multiple issues faced by users and exchanges, and we decided that we should make use of our learning and launch a top notch NFT marketplace which will be India’s best NFT Marketplace.

Here are some of the FAQs about the future NFT MarketPlace.

Which Blockchain will be used for the NFT Marketplace?

Answer: All Blockchains that support Non Fungible Tokens.

What fiat currencies will be accepted?

Answer: Ideally, the payment for NFTs have to be in Crypto, but with our partnerships we will ensure we have easy fait on-ramp and off-ramp solutions.

What will be the KYC policy?

Answer: What is KYC? Wait let me google it.

Ah, know your customer. Nope, we don’t need to know who you are. It is okay. Just come and trade, no KYC needed.

What are the fees?

Answer: Do we need fees for trading? We don’t. No fees for life.

How will Coin Crunch make money?

Answer: We will do an Initial Coin Offering. Then we will be pumping that coin from the funds we receive from investors. This will drive people to buy our coin more and then we will dump it on the plebs. We will make money by repeating this every 3-6 months.

Is this for real?

Answer: Only a fool can say otherwise.

When is the launch?

Answer: Well, much like all our other projects, it may take atleast a year to launch. So maybe, April 01, 2022. That is if we all survive the Covid19 Pandemic.


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