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India Gets 24/7 Crypto Accessibility on Telegram with Chatex

Industrial Revolution 4.0 has been instrumental in ensuring better connectivity and enhancing the user experience across various sectors. With the rapidly increasing dependence on cyberspace, tech-based products and services are constantly under the threat of hacking and related cyber-attacks. To address this very issue, various companies are strong-arming themselves against any probable security risks that may cause severe damage. Especially in the cryptocurrency space which is spreading like a wildfire, security and safety of transactions and portfolio become paramount.

Chatex has been designed meticulously to avert any such situation and treats wallet safety as its prime responsibility and feature. Integrated with the world’s most secure messaging application – Telegram, Chatex is almost impregnable to any hacking. With few levels of verification, it claims to prioritize money protection in the wallet and transactions as well. It involves a PIN-code (which is set by the user) and a two-factor authentication making it complex for any hacker while keeping it simple for the user simultaneously.

The virtual infrastructure of the platform complies with the global security standards to deliver the highest level of protection. Transferring money across boundaries has been made secure with no lags in payment execution and zero transfer charges. Going a step ahead, Chatex itself acts as the guarantor of the transaction. Any transaction is conducted using a special Escrow account and the cryptocurrency is frozen for the duration of the transaction. By this, Chatex can perform genuine exchanges and remove any kind of fraudulent elements.

With this in place, Chatex doesn’t compromise on its execution period. Under the most sophistical supervision system, Chatex finishes every transaction within minutes and faster than any other wallet out there. It is a matter of a few swipes and you can deposit, withdraw, buy, or sell 11 popular cryptocurrencies. Chatex is swift and secure!

The platform has a special offer exclusively for India!

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