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WazirX First Exchange to List EPNS (PUSH), with $45000 Giveaway

WazirX listed Ethereum Push Notification Service (PUSH) earlier on Thursday on both USDT and INR markets. In other words, we are be able to purchase, sell, and trade PUSH in WazirX’s INR/USDT market. As always it is with a new listing, PUSH comes with a giveaway of over $45000 and we will learn how users can win it in this article.

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) Basics

Here at Coin Crunch we have spoken about EPNS quite a few times and as always, any project by Indians gets our hearts pumping.

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) is a decentralized notification protocol that enables any dApps or smart contracts to send platform-agnostic, incentivized, and dynamic notifications. In other words, your DeFi protocol can send notifications to your users on Blockchain. EPNS also contains a DeFi aspect that enables users to earn crypto for receiving the actual notifications. EPNS originally launched as an idea in January of 2020.

The native token of EPNS is PUSH.

Here are some PUSH stats (as of April 23, 2021):

  • Trading Price (past 24 hr): $5.98 USD
  • Global Market Cap (past 24 hr): $17,535,714 USD
  • Global Trading Volume (past 24 hr): $3,688,069 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 2,933,965 PUSH
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 PUSH

What does the PUSH Listing on WazirX Enable?

PUSH is listing on WazirX with deposits and withdrawals open for all.

  • Deposits – Participants can deposit PUSH from another wallet to WazirX.
  • Withdrawals – Participants can withdraw PUSH from their WazirX wallet
  • Trading – Participants can buy, sell, trade PUSH in their USDT and INR market.

Giveaway Schedule

  • Thursday, April 22: AMA with Harsh Rajat (Founder & Project Lead) and Richa Joshi (Co-Founder). Learn everything about PUSH and win total prizes of $150.
  • Monday, April 26 – Wednesday, April 28: 48-hour long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes of INR 828200 ($10000) worth PUSH for top 200 traders.
  • Monday, April 26: PUSH Quiz in WazirX Telegram group with prizes of $500. Show off your PUSH (Ethereum push notification service) knowledge in a fun quiz session & win.
  • Tuesday, April 27: PUSH trivia contest on WazirX Instagram page with prizes of $50. Learn interesting trivia about PUSH, EPNS & win.
  • Friday, April 30: PUSH Airdrop worth $10,000 for top WRX holders for always supporting us.
  • Monday, May 03 – Wednesday, May 05: 48-hour long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes of INR 828200 ($10000) worth PUSH for top 200 traders.
  • PUSH-WRX Pool Staking with a total reward of $15,000 worth PUSH for providing liquidity.


The AMA with Harsh Rajat (Founder & Project Lead) and Richa Joshi (Co-Founder) to learn everything about PUSH completed on April 22, 2021 with users earning a giveaway of $150. There will be a new listing soon.


$100 for top 10 questions selected from Twitter.
$50 for top 5 live questions from Telegram group.

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon: PUSH/INR

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon welcomes participants with prizes for the top 150 traders and with more opportunities to win. This time there are two of them.

What’s the latest in the contest?

  • The first trading contest is from Monday, April 26, 9 AM to Wednesday, April 28, 9 AM IST.
  • The second trading contest is from Monday, May 03, 9 AM to Wednesday, May 05, 9 AM IST.
  • Each contest will be run non-stop for 48 hours. 
  • Total prize of INR 16,56,400 (~ $20000 USD) worth PUSH, prize is of INR 8,28,200 (~ $10000 USD) worth PUSH per contest. Participants can win rewards based on their trading performance for the entire 48-hour long trading contest marathon!

Contest 1 timing: Monday, April 26, 9 AM to Wednesday, April 28, 9 AM IST (non-stop)
Contest 2 timing: Monday, May 03, 9 AM to Wednesday, May 05, 9 AM IST (non-stop)

How can participants take part in the contest and win?

Winners will be determined on the basis of the volume of PUSH traded in the WazirX’s INR market.

What are the prizes?

Prizes for top 200 traders in the contest:

Trader RankPrizes/person (PUSH)INR worth
4 – 1062.533,128
11 – 1531.2516,564
16 – 2015.638,282
21 – 259.384,969
26 – 304.692,484
31 – 353.131,656

Instagram Trivia Contest

Participants can find how much they know about EPNS, through the PUSH trivia contest.

When: Tuesday, April 27, 12 PM IST


How to participate:

  • Follow WazirX on Instagram:
  • WazirX will share 5 questions on their Instagram Story
  • Participants have to choose the right answer


One winner will be chosen from every question from all the correct answers and will win 1.5625 PUSH.


WazirX is arranging an exciting quiz about Ethereum Push Notification Service and PUSH token. Participants can show off their PUSH knowledge and win prizes.

When: Monday, April 26, 6 PM IST


Reading resources:

How to participate:

  • Join the WazirX Discuss group on Telegram:
  • Participants will be given a total of 10 questions.
  • Participants need to choose the correct answer as quickly as they can


1st place: $100

2nd – 5th place: $50 each

6th – 10th place: $20 each

11th to 20th place: $10 each

Note: For the entire giveaway, PUSH price will be considered at $6.4, i.e., INR 530.04 and all prizes will be distributed by May 21, 2021.

Happy Trading!

Watch the video to learn more:

Previous WazirX Listing and Giveaways:

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