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Crypto Project uses Billionaire Ritesh Agarwal’s morphed photo as Team Member looking after UI/UX

The website of a Defi Project Night Owl features an unusual individual as their team member. One team member Aamir who according to the profile, works in the UX/UI department bears an uncanny resemblance to Ritesh Agarwal, the billionaire founder of OYO rooms, an Indian multinational hospitality chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes and living spaces.

At first instance, one may just see the resemblance between the bearded Aamir and typically clean shaven Agarwal. However, a closer comparison of these two photographs, unveils the ugly truth. Aamir’s photo looks like a morphed photograph of Agarwal.

The photograph used by Night Owl has a densely bearded version of Agarwal whereas, the background in what would be the original photograph looks identical to the one of Night Owl’s website.

Team members of the Night Owl Project

Clicking on any of the “Read More” links lead to the “About” section of the company’s website.

ritesh agarwal bbc
Ritesh Agarwal, CEO of Oyo Rooms. Source: BBC

You can clearly see that some noob photoshop user has possibly added that black beard, making him look like someone following Islam and carrying a religious beard. The creator used a common name in the Muslim community, “Aamir” to describe the fake UX/UI team member.

We ran a Google reverse image search and found the original image on a BBC article about Agarwal and Oyo. A google search on the other individuals did not yield any results.

White Paper with holes

While we did not put in any effort in learning what the company is actually about to do, and there is a good reason for it. When we opened the white paper we had a good laugh for about 10 minutes before we could get back to work.

Reason: Aamir is actually Ashutosh from Himachal.

Aamir is actually Ashutosh on the Night Owl White Paper

Not only this, their CTO Ashraf is actually a stock photo used by the Onion in an article several years ago.

Ashraf the CTO on an Onion Article from 2017.

I think this information should be enough to make sure you stay away from whatever snake oil this company is selling to you.

As for Ritesh Agarwal, Oyo rooms have had already played the prank of launching a new token for OYO.

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