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ZEBB Review: Zero Fee SIP engine to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum Delivers powerfully

Update: ZEBB has shut down operations as of July 15, 2022. All Crypto and INR balance can be withdrawn by users.

ZEBB allows users to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with a couple clicks or even start a weekly SIP just as easily.

ZebPay, one of the oldest and largest crypto exchanges in India has launched a new mobile app – ZEBB. ZEBB is touted as a cool, breezy, easy way of buying Bitcoin and Ethereum, either to invest lump sum or start a weekly systematic investment plan – automatically buy Bitcoin and/or Ethereum every week for a fixed amount.

While ZEBB may have emerged from the house of Zebra, it certainly is meant to attract a lot of the beginner crowd to begin (pun intended) their journey down the crypto rabbit hole.

ZEBB is the latest initiative from the exchange after their Lending platform and the rewards service that lets users earn crypto on their holdings.

First Impressions: Signing up on ZEBB

I instantly liked the app, as soon as I saw its homepage. The purple interface of the app makes ZEBB look refreshing and vibrant, the font is spaced well, and colour coded buttons signaling buying and selling make it clear what they are meant to do when hit.

Since ZEBB is meant to serve as an independent app for crypto beginners, everyone must create a new account here, including those holding an account on ZebPay.

The Sign up process is simple – enter the necessary details, do the KYC verification directly from the phone, and it is processed in a few minutes. You can start trading quickly after signing up, if all the documents are in proper order for verification.

ZEBB mobile app Home Screens pre & post login to buy bitcoin and ethereum
ZEBB Home Screens pre & post login!

The verification process requires users to take pictures of their PAN card, an address proof and a selfie via the app. Aadhaar, Driver’s License, Voter Card and Passport are accepted as address proof.

Users must also add a bank account, this account should be used to deposit INR to ZEBB or withdraw from ZEBB. ZEBB verifies the bank account with a 1 rupee deposit into the submitted bank account. The name of the account holder must match with the ZEBB account holder name.

Buying Bitcoin/Ethereum on ZEBB

Just like everything else in the world, you need money to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on ZEBB. To deposit INR into ZEBB, the user has to transfer funds to ZEBB’s bank account, then submit a deposit request with the reference number of the transaction.

As of now, only bank transfer is the available option, and while it says it can take upto two days to confirm the deposit, it is usually done in a few minutes.

Once the deposit is done, you can buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum, instantly or start an SIP with the first installment going in at the same time.

How to deposit INR on ZEBB
How to deposit INR on ZEBB

On the home screen, simply click on the buy button for the crypto you wish to invest in, enter the amount to invest and it will be done.

However, there is one feature that is one of the best ways to invest in crypto (Remember! This is not financial advice). This feature, us in India, are pretty familiar with. It is called an SIP – Systematic Investment Plan. In some other parts of the world, the strategy is also called DCA – Dollar Cost Averaging. ZEBB’s SIP feature is definitely worth a shot.

Starting a Weekly SIP – Systematic Investment Plan on Bitcoin and Ethereum

While the app is easy to use for buying crypto, I still recommend investing in crypto slowly, steadily and hence an SIP comes in very handy.

Deposit the necessary amount and then set up the system to buy Bitcoin and/or Ethereum worth a certain amount every week. The weekly SIP will make the transaction on the same day next week, the week after and so on.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the top 2 crypto currencies in the market and have been for many years. They are fundamentally stronger and likely to grow in price over time. However, they are not immune to the classic crypto double digit percentage volatility. Instead of investing at a time, after which the price keeps dropping, investing regularly at market price will average out the cost of purchase, and be easy to manage the volatility.

To start an SIP, simply click on “Add SIP for BTC/ETH”, enter the amount for each installment, and confirm.

The first purchase will be made immediately, followed by every week.

Weekly SIP to buy crypto on ZEBB. To start an SIP, simply click on "Add SIP for BTC/ETH", enter the amount for each installment, and confirm.
Weekly SIP to buy crypto on ZEBB

The SIP transaction amount can be edited, SIP can be closed anytime. There are no restrictions and no fees.


Cryptocurrency investment vehicles have matured over the past few years. There were very few options for easily investing in crypto, not far long ago. However, today, exchanges are not only focusing on traders, they keep on having investors on the platform. Products like these attract users to easily invest in crypto and stay on the platform, which is a win-win for any mobile app today.

There are no compromises with ZEBB. Barring the unfortunate unavailability of instant deposits and withdrawals of INR as banks restrict the access, everything is absolutely amazing and intuitive about the ZEBB app.

ZEBB does not charge any fees, at any given point of time, the buying price of Bitcoin and Ethereum is the same as it is available on ZebPay exchange. So, it might make more sense to move to ZEBB and start an SIP if you are simply investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The next time anyone asks me how they can start their crypto journey, I am pointing them to ZEBB. I do hope they come up with a referral program though, so it’s incentivizing to send our friends and families on the platform.

Everything said and done, currently the only major drawback I find in the app is that users cannot withdraw crypto. However, this may change soon as newer versions of the app launch.

Will you try ZEBB yourself? Let us know what you think about it on our telegram group.

Watch the video review of ZEBB!

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