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Victims want Gainbitcoin scam mastermind Amit Bhardwaj’s bail revoked

The $300 million Gainbitcoin scam mastermind Amit Bhardwaj’s bail is being challenged by the victims on the grounds of violation of the terms of the bail.

Amit Bhardwaj is one of the orchestrators of the Gainbitcoin scam. His several associates have been out on bail. Victims allege he has violated the terms of the bail and demand revocation.

In response to victims’ applications seeking the cancellation of bail of the alleged mastermind Amit Bhardwaj, the Supreme Court has decided to list the case for hearing next week.

The scam is believed to have duped approximately 8000 crypto enthusiasts.

The Gainbitcoin scam

Gainbitcoin was a fraud company operating a Ponzi multi-level marketing scheme (MLM). 

They used to guarantee a 10% monthly return on Bitcoin investments for 18 months under the (MLM) schemes. Investors were lured to lend the company bitcoins and were promised to increase their investments in the aforementioned period.

But bitcoin’s supply is finite, so how can someone mint more bitcoins? Bhardwaj used to claim that he owns a bitcoin mining facility called GBMiners. The mining firm was also a felonious company whose whereabouts were never known.

Investors never received their bitcoins back as he later changed the payout policy. The principal and the interest were returned in a currency called MCAP. It was reportedly founded by Gainbitcoin’s founders and was also a Ponzi scheme. That’s why several FIRs were lodged against him, and he began absconding.

His arrest and investigation

Amit Bhardwaj has been known to evade the authorities. Bhardwaj had fled to Dubai when authorities came after him. To escape deportation from Dubai he feigned a heart attack on March 30, 2018, and fled to Thailand. However, he was finally nabbed there on April 4, 2018, with the help of the Thai government, as claimed in a News18 report. Later, he was brought to Pune where the investigative and legal proceedings finally began. Pune Police had filed two separate chargesheets against him and eight others.

As per a report from Times of India (ToI) published on September 21, 2018, the Enforcement Directorate had attached Amit Bhardwaj’s properties worth INR 43 crores, including 6 offices in Dubai.

The report had also mentioned the involvement of prominent businessman Raj Kundra, husband of actor Shilpa Shetty. While studying the scammer’s transactions ED officials came across Raj Kundra. The British-Indian businessman has always maintained that he’s one of the witnesses in the case.

Court proceedings and bail appeal

He has been on interim bail due to his underlying kidney ailments as the Supreme Court observed in a ruling on April 24, 2019, “Considering his health condition, we direct exemption from personal appearance in all these Courts and for till the next date of hearing.”

The court had then directed both Bhardwaj and his brother to deposit their personal bonds. Amit Bhardwaj was asked to deposit a personal bond of INR 1 Lakh and INR 10 Cr in the next six months, whereas his brother Vivek Bhardwaj was asked to deposit INR 1 Cr within six months.

Victims have accused Bhardwaj of contempt of court and not meeting the bail requirements. His lawyer claimed that the bail bond amount has been deposited as directed as per an Inc42 report.

The hearing for the ongoing application for cancellation of bail was held on August 12 where the Supreme Court, in its order, said,

“FDR be renewed for a further period of six months from the due date of its maturity.”

Supreme Court of India

So, his bail was extended by the Supreme Court for six months.

Just like society and its ways have evolved, so have scams. Scammers will find one way or the other to dupe innocent people. In the crypto space, they can pretend to be from an exchange support team asking for money or fake miners trying to get your wallet access. Only awareness of these crypto scams can shield one from such malicious actors.

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