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PolyGaj Rebrands to Gaj Finance, Launches NFT Farming

Polygaj, a DeFi project created by 13-year-old Gajesh Naik has rebranded to GAJ Finance.

It’s just been over a decade that the world got acquainted with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since then, the industry has grown leaps and bounds- not in one aspect but in almost every criterion that strengthens an industry. While the growth has been magnificent, not everyone has been able to pull out a differentiator like Gajesh Naik, the 13-year-old from India who, with his DeFi project PolyGaj grabbed eyeballs from the media to pioneers of the industry.

PolyGaj becomes Gaj Finance to launch over Multiple Chains

While the project was created on Polygon, where PolyGaj grew, the sharp rise in interest for DeFi and NFT from the community compelled the project to move multichain, allowing it to broaden its horizon and user base, making it necessary for the project to give up its single-chain identity of PolyGaj to a more holistic and inclusive branding of Gaj Finance- a one-stop crypto ecosystem that combined the power of both DeFi and NFT. 

So what is GAJ Finance?

GAJ Finance has USD 267K total locked value (at press time). Gaj launched a variety of products at the intersection of DeFi and NFT. These products were designed so that the user can experience the power of both DeFi and the potential of  NFT’s, along with opportunities for staking, hodling and bidding. The range of products that Gaj is providing is all powered by its native token – $GAJ. The current and future product basket includes:

  1. Auto compounding Vaults: Where users can compound rewards by hodling automatically.
  2. Jungle Pools: GAJ’s version of  liquidity pools where users can stake their GAJ tokens to earn $DAI.
  3. NFT Farming: Users here can Stake $GAJ to earn GXP, redeem to GXP with NFTs.
  4. King of Elephants (bidding game): Kings of Elephants is a unique bidding game that allows users to earn as high as 50% of the pot value.
  5. NFT Marketplace: A marketplace for NFT with unique NFT’s spread across design, art, picture, music, and more.

GAJ Finance also recently launched on the Avalanche chain.

As GAJ grows, the roadmap seems to be leading towards expansion to newer chains and deploying new products. Post the rebranding; the following points would form cornerstones of the future, as per the Gaj Finance team:

  • NFT Marketplace V2
  • GMAM Launch 
  • NFT Staking
  • NFT Airdrops
  • NFT Farm Builder
  • NFT Gallery

The crypto sector may have been the domain of early adopters, but that certainly hasn’t deterred the youngest among us from jumping on it full-time. In fact, 13-year-old Gajesh Naik is perhaps the poster boy of this trend. As the creator of Gaj finance, a cryptocurrency money managing ecosystem, Gajesh is both a fascination and an inspiration for many.

Coin Crunch India and its community had a live AMA session with Gajesh Naik, the full of video of it can be watched below:

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